Can we please push back on Eve's new Pay to Win update?

The new Foundation day Pack contains a cash-only combat booster which gives +4% energy turret damage, +7% armor repair, and +3% max velocity.

I feel like this is setting a precedent so that CCP can introduce more extreme pay to win in the future. As the company begins to die due to loss of players, they will milk their wales more and more with pay to win such as this to make up for the lost revenue.

Pay to win is a tactic of a game that the dev’s think will die. They are milking it for all it’s worth, even if it means intentionally reducing the value of the game.

Can CSMs please do something? I have 6 accounts, and I feel like I should go down to 1 account since it seems like this is the start of pay to win in Eve online.

I learned about this from this reddit thread:


We’ve been working this literally all day.


I’m against this booster too. We don’t want or need this pay to win bs. Sure it’s only 2 days and only once per account, but even with that it’s already too strong and the slippery slope on this is gonna suck. How long till you can swipe the credit card whenever you want for a 10% damage bonus or 15% repair bonus… This is how CCP will kill EVE.


This is so stupid! The person responsible for this should take their hat and leave the company. I am very upset that this is happening! If this becomes a thing in any way i’ll GTFO!

Have a nice day.


So much for Rattati’s EVE Forever. It turns out that, yet again, what he says and what CCP does is a total farce. I hope this year people really bring rotten eggs and vegetables to Fan Fest to “celebrate EVE like never before”.


Bad decision. They should have known what reaction it would cause. And yes, of course EVE players will assume that this “little thing” is just the foot in the door to sell more combat boosters for real cash.

Stop that now and while you are on it, remove all other non-player-made combat boosters as well (yes, that means the Halcyon Login Boosters). The only way to boost combat performance should be through player-manufactured drugs, with possible side-effects at the higher levels and increased ISK costs due to the value of the ingredients and market mechanics. And only for a short time with full skills.


I’m fine with login boosters (they incentivize login and play, which is good), and boosters dropping as loot in events. Selling combat related boosters for cash, also in this scammy way, is not.

To be crystal clear, nothing so far in EvE is pay to win, as it is either of less importance for combat or can be achieved without paying. This one is, it can decide an engagement under else equal conditions, and it can’t be obtained with other means than cash.

EDIT: I’m not willing to be subtle here by checking which slot it uses and whether this matches to the still available combat boosters from the shadow war. In case this argument comes up.

hear hear

edit, or also let players make them


The best option now would be taking this booster out of the Foundation Day Pack - or replacing it with Glamourex
…and issuing just this heretic booster to ALL, that hasn’t bought the FDP, for free.

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Its been removed. Where have you been?

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In space :slight_smile:

I can see it has been replaced in store now, but the news piece has not been updated:

As of 2023-08-03T23:19:00Z
the pack contains a new Wisdom of Gheinok booster .
This unique new booster is named in homage to Gheinok, and grants you +4% Energy Turret Damage, +7% Armor Repair, and +3% Max Velocity . The booster, which cannot be sold, has a base duration of two days.
New Foundation Day Pack | EVE Online
Update: As of 2023-08-04T06:43:00Z the pack advertisement has been updated

What with the packs that were already bought?

I would guess they are either still in peoples redeem ques or have already been consumed. I don’t think CCP would delete them as people who bought the pack before the booster was removed shouldn’t be punished, but who knows.

The main point though is the whole pay to win narrative is often a a knee jerk reaction in relation to actual game play, at the very most the booster could be described as pay to die a bit slower.

I still think blueprints and let us make them is the way forward, as with the SoCT ships nowadays. (@Brisc_Rubal is that something CCP have considered for gifted boosters, and can you discuss anything?)

Perhaps take solace in the fact the the CSM have clearly and successfully been on the case.


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