Cancers of the systems

I am sure I read somewhere that there was going to be a module or something that would uncloak campers or anything cloaked in a system in development, Campers are the biggest CANCER in the game as they take away everything from the PVP content to players playing the game to actually making more content for Pvpers. If you have a camper in the system, no one will go out and Rat, Mine or anything else without a cloaky ceptor or something. This in my mind actually detracts from getting content as there is no content. Even if they a covert cyno, camping a system wont get you any content as no ships will be out in space for you to attack. If ships had a beacon or the cyno/covert cyno had a beacon on them for instance that would need players to triangulate their position whilst cloaked, this would get players in a system hunting the camper, the camper would have to keep moving, not just logged in and afk, thus forcing the cloaky camper to activate his so said covert cyno or whatever to initiate a battle before being found and killed would be fun, as this would generate a lot more content for pvpers, and prob also generate pvp action for any care bears as well,

You’re talking about “Cloaky-Campers”. And no they aren’t even close to the biggest problem in the game. You all just need to harden up and accept that dangerous space is dangerous. Just because something interrupts your 24/7 risk free ISK grinding does not make it Cancer. If you have the skills or manpower to get around the issue more power to you, if not you don’t deserve to use the space you live in and this is natural selection at work.

This is the millionth cloaky camper thread, maybe you could have read some of the others before duplicating it like this for another kicking.


Oh so sorry for offending your sensibilities, as you are prob one of the campers. However as there are so many threads to nearly every topic it is not always easy to follow everything.

As for harden up, well take your own advise stop camping and actualy fight, I do pvp, mine, and rat and yes I do it all in that dangerous space, all by myself sometimes so it is no real threat, and campers are still cancer. This was a tread to start trying to obtain more content and not just have afk people in a cloaky ship, as this game is about content and having something you cant find because they cloaked and afk and you cant find them to kill them.

It was a suggestion on how this may generate more content.


That’s ok, since you are offering an apology I will graciously accept. I have never cloaky camped anyone, but I do know that anyone who complains about it is a limp wristed wasteman with no minerals :sadparrot:

Is that the (single) Ares you killed once? I can’t really see any other PvP (kills) unless you mean structure bashing? I mean I’m happy to help out if you’re struggling to find fights?

Yeah mate, sure thing. Another person who is VERY ANGREEE about something but pretends it doesn’t effect them at all. If you really were comfortable doing your PvE with cloaky campers about you wouldn’t be here complaining about them. As i said, HTFU and go out in space anyway.

If they’re AFK how exactly do you think they’re going to hurt you? If they’re not AFK then they themselves are playing the game their way just like you are. Harden up.


I wonder how many of these threads are just made by alts.

They achieve nothing and don’t deserve the attention they get.

Linking to old ones seems to be the smartest choice.


There have been several threads recently on AFK cloaking, please note that opening multiple threads on the same topic is prohibited.

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