Cannot log into test server

Still not able to access it via Steam.

When if they have the issue fixed, they’ll no doubt announce it.

Can’t login today, to check Pochven update. Is it down ?

looks as though it might be down… im getting a network error

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Yes, that’s what I get too, thanks for confirming.

Cannot login to sisi with steam login.
It prints only “Error” text in steam login page.

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This is a known issue from the June mirror. CCP has given no timeline for resolution; it appears to be a low priority because Sisi is just the test server, after all. To avoid this kind of issue with future mirrors, make sire to set up an EVE username for your Steam login.

the best way is to go to account management and make a username and password for your steam account

ive done this but then we still need to wait for a mirror to happen

honestly they should have a script that auto updates the test server database

as a new player doing abyssals id like to test a fit before i yeet 800mill into the void , thats a lot of isk to a new player

Yea the update is every 3-4 months. Instead of wasting time doing small updates here and there, they just keep it to once every few months which it can take several hours for the mirror to happen.

You asking for a script goes back to those who feel entitled to use the test server.

have you played any other games with a test server where the developers need to manually update the database every 3 months?

this is a popular topic because there is a test server and at some point when people go to try it there is no indication to the user that they are not going to be able to login so they come here and report the issue

If there was some disclaimer somewhere i would not have posted here , my account is also from 2015 the steam login is totally broken then i was trying to help others by suggesting they create a login from account management and letting them know they still need to wait for a mirror

im also not totally sure why the test server does not just use the same login server as live but that’s whatever i need a recent mirror of my toon anyway

The last mirror is what broke steam log ins… I’ve never seen that an issue before.

how many games leave the test server open to the players like EVE?
Activision Blizzard doesn’t I know that for a fact.

You might want to read this then… FAQ for the server.

Its primary function is to provide a test environment as close as possible to the live environment of Tranquility. For this purpose, the Tranquility database is “mirrored” (copied) over to the Singularity server once every few months (or more often, if needed by the CCP Quality Assurance department). For testing the performance of the server and client with many players at the same place (especially fleet-fights) there are periodical mass testing events.

Read this too, while you are at it. (the above quote was from this page)

wanted to add this on:

the popularity you see, (not counting since the mirror that broke steam logins) Are new players joining, or vets rejoining since a mirror was made, and changing their emails so the log in for TQ doesn’t match what was on record with SiSi… Then both groups, new players, and vets with their alts, come here to throw a fit and throw shade because CCP can’t give just one person access to SiSi… If they did it for one, which they can’t i’d assume, they’d have to do it for every tom dick and hairy that joins the game.

it takes 3 days for them to prepare the mirror… Basically if they did go the route of allowing someone access to SiSi, after the fact, they’d have to go back in, and remove all the structures and all they do before the mirror as to not give any intel away.

Iv tried, it doesnt even give me the option to on my user page.

There are instructions above that detailed how to make it. Though if you read what she said, future mirrors. So even with creating a username, until September/October, you will not have access