Can't Play the game because of the DANG incursions!

Agreed- trig scouts are OP for brand new capsuleers. Do they spawn in starter systems? IMO, they shouldn’t be in starter systems or perhaps even those adjacent.

I recall being relieved when rats would show up to alleviate the grinding torpor of mining in my little Venture as a new player. But these trigs are like CODE if they could buy permits from CONCORD to gank at will.

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Thank You (BOWS) It is nice to know that at least one person understands where I am coming from.

Just wait until you meet diamond rats. They will tear your Orca apart in a few moments if you aren’t paying attention. They also scram, so getting away is not always an option.

I am still not sure how you died to Trig scouts, because they are far too weak to kill an Orca unless it wasn’t tanked at all, or you were AFK for 10+ minutes. And I say this as someone who mines in an Orca in 0.5. Some of us have given you suggestions on what you should do to avoid it happening again.

You have played for 14 years, you should know that the only safe place in the game is being docked up. Learn from this explosion, and carry on.

… unless you’re docked up in a wormhole citadel (with apologies to Hard Knocks).


You do know that Eve is an MMO right. There are people to play with. Make some friends, form a group, play with others, or if you insist on playing all alone run an second account to defend yourself (though playing with others is far better). People have been playing with people in Eve for years now, maybe you should try it, you may actually enjoy it!

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I’m new player and just today i died 2 times because of this, i was alight to place i want to warp out and was not AFK. I see them warping in, i press warp button and while my ship prepare to jump BOOM - no ship. 1 scout need 6 seconds to kill my venture, but they are never alone. Fells like mechanic created to fight high level AFK miners bites new players more then old once.


add MSE (medium shield extender) to your venture instead of asteroid scanner.


more than 5000 star systems, 2500 or so wormholes systems, why not move to a system they are not active in?

Are you orbiting something when you are mining or are you just sitting there? If you’re sitting still you’ll pop really fast.

Personally, I believe the triglavian INVASION rats (what OP is talking about) are exactly that: anti-AFK entities in the game. They are specifically made to keep Orca miners honest, and by that I mean you have to be at the screen, watching the whole time, ready to put your mining drones up and deploy warriors to target and kill them just as a “hey, are you there?” check. FOB rats are stronger, yes, as was mentioned, but they aren’t practically everywhere like the trigs are now. These guys are pretty strong, and lets face it- even if you’re mining in a huge group, is everybody looking at the screen all the time? No, mining is boring and something you do while working on other things usually irl, that’s just how it is and I suppose CCP wants to add some… excitement?

OP, get light drones, specifically Warrior IIs, and target and destroy the damaviks. Usually only 2 - 3 squads spawn in any given day in my experience. Its more important to check for FOB rats, as they are impossible to destroy as a miner. You need to do this in the agency, under encounters -> pirate strongholds. Stay docked up if one is in your system or go elsewhere.

Back to the triglavians… as the newbies have said in this thread, they can be rather oppressive for them, simply due to the fact that normal belt rats are laughably easy in comparison. They see some red, small triangles and think they can kill them with fresh drones, and poof bye-bye first mining ship. NPC entropic weaponry melts mining frigates and barges surprisingly quick. Even a well tanked and skilled Porpoise must target and engage the Raznaborgs as soon as the fight starts if they want to kill all of them without having to warp away to reshield.

To experienced players this isn’t a big deal, right? But to the kid who saw this game on steam, downloaded it to try it out, spends hours in the tutorial, gets his first mining ship from an agent, proudly goes out to mine some ore in his first shiny little venture while reading up on the INFINITE learning material for this game then looks back to see his ship has gotten blown up before his first laser cycle even completed… I mean how would that make you feel?

I know I know, this game is meant to be brutal and that’s super cool and all (personally I enjoy the trig invasion) but weren’t they supposed to be making it MORE newbie friendly? Perhaps the devs should put more emphasis on joining corporations and making friends as a means to survive and thrive. One thing is for sure, the introduction methods to this game are super outdated and most new players are blindsided by NPC entities - these damaviks being the #1 oppressor I’d imagine, and I don’t think that’s what they were meant for.


If you fly right this wont be a problem. Get better at the game! Itll be funner!

Stay docked while the triglavian incursion is active. When it comes time to plex, delay by as many days as you remained docked. Do something other than Eve while you’re docked/unplexed.

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