Cant vote unless omega

isnt this kinda counter productive when more then half of the eve playerbase probably isnt subbed due to 2b a month per char not worth it?


If you don’t charge money to vote, then how do you get a decent election outcome? Poor people aren’t smart (that’s why they’re poor), and therefore don’t make good decisions.


I don’t think logic and reason apply to how EVE Online is managed.
Also, Alphas can’t vote cause they are not real EVE players… I remember someone calling them “tourists”. I’d call Alphas auxiliaries: can’t be counted on.

I agree with Spank.

What’s the point of having 350 Alpha accts if I can’t use them to swing an election?

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I find it strange that so many people refer to subscribing with Plex like it is the norm.
Do most MMO’s now let you subscribe with in game currency instead of cash?

I feel it is perfectly appropriate to limit voting to customers. Alphas are not customers.


Ah! Here then !

And an ALPHA player who buys a daily injector in an online store, isn’t that a customer?

Better and better !

It’s alright, don’t plan to vote either.

Without the Omega requirement, folks could simply create thousands of alts and vote whoever they want on the CSM. This is the reason why it exists.


Because EVE does not have a local price, so most of the people outside EU / NA prefer to pay with PLEX. Also some people don’t think EVE worth the moneyz and have an easy ISK generator, so…

Greeks / Romans knew better, only citizens are allowed to vote. Plebs are casted out.

Service guarantees citizenship. Would you like to know more?


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Not in my opinion no.
You buy an alpha injector, you get an alpha injector.
What you don’t get is access to the rest of the game. If you want that you subscribe.

That is something I had not considered / realized.

But their still omega.

Ofc, I was answering a question, not the question.

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Sorry, I’m a Virgo. We tend to nitpick.


Virgo here, can confirm

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Really now?
I wish people knew what the hell they posted about before posting ignorant crap.

Certain gentes (“clans”) in Rome were patrician, signalled by their family names. In the early republic, there are attested 43 clan names, of which 10 are plebeian with 17 of uncertain status. A single clan also might have both patrician and plebeian branches sharing a nomen distinguished by a cognomen.
So obviously lots of plebs had voting power.
Plebeians were enrolled into the curiae and the tribes; they also served in the army and also in army officer roles as tribuni militum.
Ancient Roman tradition claimed that the Conflict of the Orders, a struggle by plebeians for full political rights from the patricians, led to laws being published, written down, and given open access starting in 494 BC with the law of the Twelve Tables, which also introduced the concept of equality before the law, “often referred to in Latin as libertas”, which became foundational to Rome’s republican politics. This succession also forced the creation of plebeian tribunes with authority to defend plebeian interests. Following this, there was a period of consular tribunes who shared power between plebeians and patricians in various years, but the consular tribunes apparently were not endowed with religious authority. In 445 BC, the lex Canuleia permitted intermarriage among plebeians and patricians.
All patrician and plebeian men were citizens and had the right to vote.

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Alphas should be able to vote.

This would increase the number of new player accounts.

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Calm down pleb. The Twelve Tables are trash.

Calm down, princess. Trash isn’t the Twelve Tables or it wouldn’t have the word “trash”.