Cant vote unless omega

Plebs have no rights.

Okay, Sulla.

@Ursula_Anders I could argue I used punctuation, I could argue I summed plebs in an internet meme, since plebs were not present in Greece.


You put so much effort in that answer, I gonna confess I was not sure if plebeians could vote. Do want your cookie?

Well, technically, plebs couldn’t vote.

Her answer describes the process by which the law was reformed, to grant pleb rights, but clearly that was a mistake and the law has been RESCINDED.

Could somebody please link for me where do we vote? I was told to log in by our leader!

1 billion isk for link.

Just send me the 1 bill instead.


Multiple account deal $14.99

You must speak to our leader if you want isk.

Your leader is a fool and a simpleton.

Targeted Alt Offer (25% off 1m Omega)


Does this mean you now our Frostpacker 1billion isk?

Your vote in the CSM Election was anonymously registered at 2022-06-14 08:49:21.

No good asking me for isk I do not handle accounts I am just a miner!

Steal the ISK like you do the rocks. I won’t mind.

That’s what you get Scipio. You helped the miner vote, he voted against you, he didn’t pay you - spare the blaster, spoil the miner.


I am the pilot you will need to speak with and the one who has the final say in where in game currency is directed. You never replied to my evemail back in May Y123

From: Lily Flapper
Sent: 2021.07.24 10:01
To: Aiko Danuja,

FYI sister

My Sugar Daddy Frostpacker is not a deadbeat! Far from it in fact. Iceacid sets goals and acheives those goals on his own time.

If you knew how many billions Daddy Frostpacker hands out to his flock you would be shocked. Sure if it not what you care about and fine it is not part of your rules.

You missy should feel happy that sugar daddy frostpacker wants to play your rp.
I want to make it very clear to you AIKO & you listen up sister my sugar daddy is the best.

*flaunting short skirts since late 1920’s

Lily Flapper,

oh & Vote complete \o/
Your vote in the CSM Election was anonymously registered at 2022-06-14 09:15:15.

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You owe another billion isk for that hideous email.

Me too.

We’re all glad that you two big scary cats are not on the voting page!

Your vote in the CSM Election was anonymously registered at 2022-06-14 09:45:28.

No thanks. Keep the cookie for yourself for when you successfully study Roman Civitates, that way next time you won’t make yourself such an ignorant jerk.

Ursula lied, Rome died.

What are you on about now?