Capital ships is a joke

I miss DUST.
My introduction to New Eden.

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Carriers are fine, don’t fly them unsupported.

It took eleven torpedoes and six bombs to sink the Yamato. The Musashi took nineteen torpedoes and seventeen bombs. And at the time they were sunk, both ships were already limping along on patch-up repairs from earlier torpedo strikes. They may have been strategically useless, but the Yamato and Musashi were almost (if not quite) indestructible.

If a tank rolls into a village I would tell people to start fires in the streets, creating thick smoke. The poor tank crew that decided to roll in without support can’t see anything. Chances of it escaping has reached zero by now. Powerless the tank will probaby drive around with high chances of getting stuck. Only one satchel charge and the bottom of the tank gives out. Yes, that expensive tank is now destroyed. Not 10 pistols needed, just some DIY explossives packet. Not very well balanced or a inexperienced tank crew?

Imagine being on an oil tanker, you see a bunch of motorboats approaching, some of them have rocket launchers. You cannot run, you better have a support fleet of frigates. (or snipers on board, but that doesn’t work in space). Big expensive oil tanker defeated by 10 guys in motorboats with AK47’s and an old rocket launcher… not very well balanced or an inexperienced oil tanker crew?

This game requires both strategy and tactics. Learn them and apply them or your ship will be lost.

Might be player error, might be overconfidence, might be AFK

There are a lot of ‘might’s and ‘could’s in this scenario, any of them could explain why this happened. Dont blame CCP for these kinds of issues which may be caused by the player themselves

Oil tanker compare to EVE is a freighter. So nothing strange here. It’s harmless.

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As i sayed before…
If we even emagine in spherical vacuum that Carrier pilot was not AFK, ship was properly fitted, etc, etc.
What changes?
Could he kill the hecates? no.
Because hecates would just kill his fighters.
Could he survive them? no.
Hi would just died 30sec/1min/2min later.

This is dumb.

Depending on the fit? Yes, he can.

If he has proper webs, proper tank, proper fighters, yes, he can absolutely wreck a group of hecate. Maybe even live.

You can hear it in the video.

The guy says “Hes armor tanked. Wait, no”.

Then they are laughing, because he isnt armor or hull tanked. He has no tank, at all.

No. They wouldnt.

Hecates are orbitting right next to you, meaning you could retract the fighters whenever they started taking damage. Its no different than having to manage your drones.

Against a properly fit thanatos? probably not. I could probably survive 10 hecate if it were just them and no other ship.

The fit was dumb, and your narration is dumb too. If you dont know how to properly fit or fly a carrier, you will lose it in the most idiotic way possible.


Just wait till you see this battle report. A small group of 5 Battleships, a couple of Bombers and Cruisers killed two (2) Supercarriers and a several other support ships.

If you’re changes went through, this would not be possible. High level pilots, like these, wouldn’t be able to punch up like they do here.

You’re right, changing it so small, well-piloted ships couldn’t haze large ships is dumb.

And this is dumb too. 2 supers cant clear the grid from few BS and cruisers?
Seriuos? :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming:

And know why?
Because fighters are useless, they cant hit hard anythyng smaller than BS.
So they just reps and feels fine.

Exactly what i’m talking about - caps underpowered.

Yah it had nothing to do with the fact that those BS and cruisers are piloted by some of the best pilots in the game, that their fits are blinged out to the max and they run high-grade implants. Or that those Supers didn’t bring any webs/paints to help with application. Cap weapons SHOULD NOT apply to subcaps without lots of webs and paints. I have no interest in playing Caps online.

Both of those Supers were ratting fit, and there was a third on the battlereport. If you have three supers on grid and a kitchen sink against a couple Nightmares, I don’t think it’s the games fault when you lose. Maybe you’re just bad at this. Supers already have so many different methods to apply to smaller ships. Burst projectors, tracking enhancers/links as well as friends with support ships.

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Use Friends

You failed when you went out solo and you are failing now expecting to win a 10v1 because you have the “bigger ship”. Bigger is also slower and easier to hit.

How did you get a capital ship and not know this?


I understand your point, balance, game mechanics, all that stuff.
But in nutshell - it’s dumb.
Balance SHOULD NOT stand against logic and common sense.

We reviewing the case where is no friends. Only thanatos vs 10 hecates in vacuum. to proof that cap ships underpowered and harmless to subcap (or not)

Sorry for a dumb question, but I’ve never even been next to a capship in-game. So, if capital ships are so weak against smaller, cheaper ships, what would motivate a player to get one ?

Most of current existing caps was builded before industry changes and was bought for about 1-3 bil and supers for about 10-60 bils or even cheaper.
And crab carrier way more effective than any of subcaps. Dread very effective to clear sleepers/drifters in WH.
Until you got catched for the ass by 10 hecates or whatever…

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Well your brand of common sense might not be so common. Think about it. A small ship moving quickly is hard to hit with massive guns. The guns can’t move fast enough to keep up with the fast moving ship. To hit those ships you need to either bring down their speed, increase their signature radius or increase your tracking.

Well that’s just stupid, any large ship that is by itself and not fit for application should die to a large group of smaller ships. If you are taking a Cap out unsupported you are asking to die.

Because when properly supported, Capitals are absolute monsters. They have the highest DPS, the largest amount of EHP, the most remote repping in the game. The problem is, people like our friend @Mr_Raven_101, want to be able to take one out solo, in a no tank PVE fit, and expect to beat 10 T3Ds. They are surprised when they die and demand that Caps be buffed to become invincible to smaller ships.


I’m not asking caps being invincible to subcap.
But carrier definitely shouldn’t die from 10 hecates. (if he’s not AFK ofc.)
10 hecates should die from him instead.

Wanna kill a carrier with hecates? bring 30-40-50. it will be look sensful at least.
But 10… it’s a joke.

The number of ships really shouldn’t matter. Those Hecates were spitting out 1k DPS each. What should matter is how much EHP/S you have vs how much DPS your enemy is doing. If your EHP/S is less than their DPS then you should start dying and after your buffer runs out you should explode. Pretty simple really. The Thanatos in question elected to go for no EHP/S outside the passive shield regeneration and no buffer so he died real fast.

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That’s what i’m talking about. if they dealing only 25% damage to him, he’s could probably manage to kill them or at least got some help… But he’s just vaporized.
Giant Carrier vaporized by 10 tiny destroyers without a chance. No, i cant agree with this.