Capsuleer Corruption: Calling Out the Enemies of Humanity

To the people who comment about the Triglavian and their lack of humanity and respect for human life: Remember that CONCORD look the other way when Capsuleers trade and murder large amount of slaves. Neither sides can be trusted in this.


I have constantly admitted that CONCORD is inept at best, but the Triglavs are harvesting people and stars.

Nobody has said “CONCORD is wonderful.” I am legitimately just concerned about civilians.


They have returned everyone they experimented (in one piece) with and so far there is no indication of star harvesting, or what this would result in.

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And I am legitimately just doubting that CONCORD are truely interested in the wellbeing of the civilians.

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Not true at all, in fact the only triglavian beings captured are the 2 in the vedmak and only CONCORD knows what they are.
All you’ve seen is images and sound, and those hardly prove anything.

Not true, actually. An operation was undertaken in October last year to board and capture a Zorya’s Vedmak that was ultimately successful. It was even publicized here by local media to some degree Mr. Bastrom, full reports simply have not Yet been compiled into an open, cohesive document, though some parts of reports were leaked at one point.

Give me 2 minutes to put out a “local” news about triglavians beings cows using stars to increase milk production… and then let’s fight over which local news is more believable based on tangible proofs available.

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I’m on a scientific mission to witness first hand a star’s collapse.

This has nothing to do with being against humanity. This is for science!


For my part I am participating to rescue all abandoned and neglected Drones as a result of this conflict.
I’m happy to say I have rescued many Drones since this started and will be giving them all good homes.


I find it quite insulting that after all the work i put in smashing edencom fleets and waving the flag of zoyra that i wasnt included in the list. Please fix this mistake

Honestly this list is more of a badge of honour than a mark of shame.

We’re all arguing in Triglav Fleet Headquarters over who’s on the list.

And so far, combined CONCORD attacks on capsuleer ships has resulted in more civilians and crews dying than any other race combined. If you want to accuse inhumanity, look no further than EDENCOM.

@Diana_Kim I have personally witnessed at least one member of your alliance, Templis CALSF, attacking EDENCOM forces and supporting the Triglavians, in a carrier no less (Nyx or Thanatos, can’t remember exactly). This took place in the system of Abha. Unfortunately I never recorded the name of the capsuleer in question.

I don’t have representative power in our alliance, you shall report it to the respected authority within our alliance, not me.

With the same success you could approach a baseline soldier fighting in a trench on one planet and report her about soldier from an allied squad in a different system on a different planet and in a different trench has committed an act of maraudering.

Yes, it’s bad, but what do you expect ME to do with it?.. :woman_facepalming:

@Diana_Kim Thanks for the advice, I know very little about the Caldari militia hierarchy as you can see.

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First: No, we have not ‘scoured the whole damned galaxy’. New Eden is a single cluster of stars only a hundred light years across. A typical mid-sized galaxy is over 100,000 light years across. In addition, our ability to even access all of the stars in our immediate cluser is… negligible. We have access to fewer than 10,000 systems, because stargates only function at locations of very specific properties in binary star systems. Each system we have access to has a stellar partner, presumably with a planetary disk of its own, that we can’t even get near. So, ‘we’ve scoured the whole damned galaxy’ is kind of like if you to the head and take a piss, then insist you’ve ‘flooded the whole damned world’.

Second, I could build a drone that’s humanoid and able to speak our language. Hell, we spew out petabytes of a hundred different languages and translation algorithms every second through computer networks the Trigs have demonstrate they’ve compromised.

Then, consider fedo. Fedo are not the same biology we are. Cats, pigs, birds, all the critters we can eat are definitely ‘like us’ at a genetic level. Fedo ain’t. Trigs could be critters from that spectrum who’ve just been ‘away’ for a very long time. We don’t know. The odds of a convergent body plan are low, sure, but the possibility that something else is behind the Trigs? That the encounter suits we’re seeing aren’t actually them, just vessels they stuff awareness into? That’s extremely feasible.

Hell, the only reason we’re still humanoid is inertia. There’s no reason capsuleers need to retain a humanoid body. If the empires wanted to be more efficient, they could just mass produce copied infomorphs shoved into duplicated brain they’ve hardwired into pods.

Really, your analysis of their ‘likely’ humanity is… laughable, at best.


Becoming Drifters is the key to efficiency then? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I didn’t say it’s preferable, only more efficient.

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Alexandre Arthie,
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Well it’s not like they’re the first capsulers to align themselves to a cause they have no knowledge about. Some of us still remember the Curse Alliance.

Or, perhaps, those folks aren’t enemies of humanity - they are allies of humanity (however loosely defined the term), and those who support the Big Four are working to the detriment of it?

How in the blue hell is helping the side that’s harvesting people and entire stars allies of humanity?

Forget about CONCORD and the empires for a second! Just because CONCORD and the empires do wrong doesn’t mean it’s suddenly a good idea to help the Triglavians. Lack of concern for human life is one of their biggest sins. “CONCORD is bad so I’m going to help invaders harvest civilians and destroy entire solar systems” makes no sense.