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Time to find the cherry tree and dig up Stunt Flores with his waifu pillow and katana

PLease do! :slightly_smiling_face:

It means that somebody making a mistake and saying one dumb thing and getting reported for it won’t result in a permaban.

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Imagine a day when only one dumb thing is said. Of course that is solely based on who’s listening and personal interpretation. This statement right here can easily be described as hate if someone chose to do so. “Hate speech” is often just a different view but the charge is an easy weapon to use.

Which is why you want a policy in place that gives the GMs wiggle room in deciding whether to take action.

Are the server numbers that low, CCP is letting all the undesirables back in ?.
Things must be bad.

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Any chance CCP could reach out to Riot Games to get a few League accounts unbanned?

…asking for a friend. It’s only like, eight… maybe nine?

I refuse to buy the DJ Sona skin again. It’s not happening, Riot. :expressionless:

LOL, I literally told them somebody would say this. I should have made a bet.


I thought undesirables were the actual target audience.

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Ah yes, that person on sisi who blurts racism and spams still hasn’t been banned I’m pretty sure.
Everytime I manage to kill them they just spam chat for 4 hours. Very very calm and friendly person indeed

Here’s the interesting thing about Sisi: you get a TQ account mirrored, right? Then you can delete all the TQ accounts and delete the characters and create new characters that only exist on Sisi and not TQ, thereby making it more difficult for players (though not necessarily GMs) to trace those characters to TQ and enact justice (yay for Crime and Punishment forum category).

I imagine the turnaround time for Sisi tickets is as quick as red dots being removed. Brisc is pretty happy with the recent “inventory badge” updates…

Hahah yeah, it’s dumb but hey it’s the test server. Kinda wish you could just report ingame or something like that and an ISD or something idk would see it whenever they got on.

I was thinking the same thing.

Log-in numbers need to go up to keep this game going. As such CCP is trying all sorts of things to accomplish that goal.

Throwing different colored piles of dog poo at the game to see which one sticks seems no way to run a game.

What drew in all the players way back when? PVP?

IF CCP can fix the TDI problem with the cloud and they get the free advert’s for that, then the game will take off again. In the meantime, we have “The Age of Chaos.”

I’m waiting for the casino guys to be allowed back in and they start funneling Casino ISK again.

"You’re SO banned ! Don’t you EVER come back ! "

six months later: " Can you come back ? We didn’t mean it. " :rofl:

If I’m banned from a game, they’d need to pay me to play it again.

…Capsuleer Redemption Login Rewards

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Yea but… NO.

I was being sarcastic :wink:

Sarcasm is difficult to express online. Fights have begun that way… Not that I’m complaining, those are entertaining at least.