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Maybe they can do a reverse take on it where you give something back to them. So every queue you claim, a random item is pulled from your inventory.

That should be for all players. Enough of the handouts. Space Bums is correct after all.

CCP will only give a hand to those who want to seek redemption. Outreach program to the people who may be living a handicapped life now, without the daily dose of EVE.

Just a policy of keeping a hand on pulse.

It was mentioned before: Do people want to come back to the game? If they want to, didn’t they do it already with other alts?

And about Gigx:

You know, just for the fun of it, I’d like to shake hands with him. Or at least hear his voice again in fleet. Can’t blame the man for having such a charismatic sarcasm, on top of his accent and deep bariton voice. His retained frustration (sometimes not so very retained) gave the game an extra edge for me, it gave lots of frustration to others.

Now seriously: I hope all parties from that CO2 episode have a healthy and happy life. This redemption thing is maybe a good thing, but I do’nt know if it makes that much of a difference. We’ll see.

It’s hard finding a balance between speaking our minds and political correctness, between sarcasm, irony and being polite. We only get somewhere as long we 're on speaking terms. Keep the discussion going.

Apparently, not everyone is redeemable under this new policy:

From the devblog: There should always be a place in EVE for those who are willing to acknowledge they have made a mistake and demonstrate a genuine willingness to change.

I mean, the dude clearly has some issues he is dealing with, but if he cannot admit his behaviour was wrong and let the past go, he has no place back in Eve. From that video he made it abundently clear he still has not let go of the baggage of the past, and still has a massive chip on his shoulder.

Hopefully he keeps to his word and moves on to another game more worthy of his talents and efforts. But he is already backtracking the feeling he expressed during the video in the comment section, so I fear that is not going to be the case.

At least this shows that not everyone is being given amnesty under this new policy.

It was a ■■■■■■■ GigX joke, must you be tiresome about literally everything?

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