Capsuleers Party too much

So everytime I log into the game I hope to see Daily Campaign so I can get at least 2,500 SP to eliminate an enemy. I’ve given up on seeing 10,000 SP to eliminate 5 enemies since 10,000 SP must be the motherlode, la crème de la crème of skill points…
But everyday now it doesn’t miss. Instead of the Daily Campaign ( btw, CCP, it’s not “daily” if it’s not everyday ) all I see are Parades. Parades for Caldari, parades for Amaar, Parades for the bum on the corner… enough with all the parades already, y’all party too much!
Bring back Daily Campaign for SP and to hell with all that fireworks, it’s not even Independence Day!!

:smile: Have a good one, chaps.


Also CCP should put the special event apparel items back into the event log-in rewards, putting them into the various game packs is simply a money grab…


Don’t get me started :smile:


I’d be happy if they just managed to name them correctly:


Mr Epeen :sunglasses:



:congapartyparrot: :partying_face: :partyparrot:


@Uriel_the_Flame I don’t so much mind all the parties and whatever y’all do upstairs I really don’t want to know but all these parades cut into my daily SP intake. It’s already bad enough that it’s only 2.5k I feel like they’re buying fireworks with the rest.
Plus, what do those empire bozos do to deserve a parade anyway? Their territory been invaded for years and they do nothing but launch fireworks. Useless! I tell you…

If you need the daily SP you already do it wrong. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiling_imp: :partying_face:

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:mermaid: :eyes:

I like that sentiment, very EVE-minded on your part. Very good, lol… I don’t need the SP, I want the SP, I crave SP, lmao… but I do look forward to shooting down a gang of rats everyday, maybe mix it up with a mission, and watch as the count decrease to zero in the Campaign notice… it’s a daily ritual, alright? And all those parades are infringing on my religious rights! :smile:

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You can just run a L1 mission, set aside your earnings and buy a daily alpha injector for the accumulated pile of ISK every now and then. :wink:

Also parades are fun:


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Good idea!! Oh wait… I’m already doing that :sweat_smile: I still have 6 injectors from last time I got 10.
Call me the Skill Points monster


Been there, done that, posted about it.

It does not worth it. Believe.

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The parades give SP.

Your welcome.


I understand they do but… kinda boring.
Can’t combine missions or ratting+bounties+salvaging with parades.

At least it gave me a topic for a thread, even if an unoriginal thread. I get forum points for it :grin:

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Of course you can just be a bit more creative.

  • Gank capsuleers at parade sites as if they were rats.
  • Grab their loot as bounty.
  • Salvage their wrecks.
  • You can even consider this your personal mission.


Edit: Actually you can even roleplay this as a cult, gather followers and supporters for your holy cause just like how gankers and anti-gankers do.



Are you serious?

OMG, that’s just sad…

I’d love to, that’s why I want as much SP as I can get. If I attack but lose the fight I get no SP, I waste time and isk… Not a good proposition for a daily event.

Again, I’d love to. Only, I’m not a leader, I’m more of an administrator or the guy you’d see to quietly resolve a matter.
I couldn’t lead a horse to water :sweat_smile:

Could combine ganking tho

Oh thats been said, nm

Get the SP first THEN attack. With smartbombs. Most folk are using frigs or corjettes for it anyway

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Yea, I haven’t used smart bombs yet. I don’t even know how, lol. But thanks for the tip. I will get familiar with those bombs, sounds like fun.

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They are super fun