Caracal nerf, why?

Now that the patch has had a little bit of time to settle, wanted to share some info about the patch specifically related to your comments.

The main issue we were concerned about were the Rapid Lights themselves, not necessarily the hull. We had experimented with the weapon system change on other ships, and were happy with the results. The Osprey Navy Issue and Caracal were popular, but popular isn’t bad. Why we felt the need to take action is because, with the RLMLs as they were, these ships had very few tradeoffs; they got speed, engagement range, tank, and damage all at once. Fitting is about tradeoffs, and these didn’t have any. With the change to RLMLs, hulls had to select attributes to focus on instead of getting all at once.

We’re very happy with the results so far, not because the RLML platforms are less popular (they’re still quite popular), but there’s more diversity both in the meta and in how the ships are fit. Looking at all the changes holistically, the meta has more healthily shifted and added new challenges for you all to master.

I hope that addressed some of your concerns and misgivings about why these changes were made in the first place.