Oh? So whose doing the forbidding?

Ok, so who is it?

Right. You can just say you don’t know bruv :smiley:

If that can please you: I don’t know. :smiley:

  • Scientists found that processes specifically related to learning help a person consolidate during sleep what they learn while awake.

I didnt make it up.

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Renewable technology need time to become sustainable and affordable. (EV battery fires are not fun as many have seen in the news)
EV batteries come to mind first. Something cannot be renewable if the batteries are made from rare earth materials.

There are more renewable sources beyond wind/solar. I can’t wait to see what other technologies come up.

That’s my two cents.

We already have infinite energy. When was the last time you filled up your spaceship?

It is , I’ve known a few witches.

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Good ole warpcore! Sadly that needs ore to run. :laughing:

LOL it ain’t about pleasing me. You’re spouting BS you can’t back and you know it.

LOL no one is disputing that ROFL.

We’re disputing your psychic visions :smiley:

If we could figure out things like fission and such. I mean that’s the goal of the LHC essentially.

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Yes, I think I got gist of your counterargument.

And you concede.

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Ah… that’s good. Good to know you’re happy :smiley:

? I always was bro.

You must have dreamed that too huh?

Of course I did :smiley:

Of course there are renevable resources.

Wood for example, grows for years and need energy to process, can be used as building material and in tools.

Stone: formation of basalt, obsidian and other takes a long time, but it is a very durable material.

Of course plant and animal resources are also a big part. You can hunt and render fat from animals, or press oil from some grains.

You can even have windmills, you can have animal transportation, you can have a lot, just watch out for it to be enough for everyone, and everyone have to do work on their part of land so he can sustain himself and family.

Oh wait, I forgot we have been polluting everything and reproduced like rabbits all this time from 25 000 BC.

This is like a pretty bad situation, when you find that the fridge is empty and there is only sand and toxic heaps of trash outside, shops are empty and there is no fuel anywhere. Maybe not tomorrow, but in few hundreds of years.

Oil below 100 $ /barrel is gone. And our economy will stall if oil barrel stands above 110 $ for any long period of time.

Thus, we pretty much should start prioritising what carbon we do need to emit, and what not.

FAI, low density suburbs connected by individual vehicles are economically unsustainable. They can’t afford to pay for their infrastructure and all the cheating that’s been going on for two generations (all the 75% public subsidies to construction and neverending debt issuing by cities) will just have to stop.

Alternatives do exist. The latest one are 15-minute cities, cities built in such way that people can meet all their needs within 15 minutes of walking/cycling/riding mass transit. This means having medium density cities, as the ones even the USA used to have before someone convinced the Government to subsidize the Car Way of Life. “Sprawl, and subsidies shall be given” was a strong message. But then, when you split 5 millon $ /mile worth of infrastructure repairs among just 200 families serviced by that mile of road/power/water/sewage, it’s a matter of time whether bankrupcy or infrastructure collapse will hit you first. And it’s already going on, with cities in desperate need of renewing infrastucture to the tune of 25 or 30k $ per household and obviously no way to raise such taxation nor any way to take additional loans.

But,. I digress. We dont’ nEEd all that carbon. We don’t need Amazon delivered to your door. We don’t need made in China boxed in a container and sailed to 15,000 km away just because. We don’t need long range air travl just for leisure. We don’t need medium range air travel when rail is far more proficent and runs on any electricity you can source, not fossile hydrocarbon. We don’t need bottled water nor 15 brands of yoghourt with 60 flavors. We don’t need a car when there’s a supermarket within a 10 minute walk through human-sized, pedestrian-safe streets, comfortably lined with trees which deliver shadow in the hot summer season and let the sun shine throguh their bare limbs in the winter.

We’ve bene doign thigns in a certain way out of conveneicne and blissful ignorance of what the very own discoverer of Greenhouse Effect pointed: by throwing extra carbon to the atmosphere, the planet would warm up. He just couldn’t figure we would multiply emissions 25-fold and then run with it for the best part of a century before we figured that weather patterns are not set in stone and react to extra heat in the atmosphere by undertaking all sorts of inconvenient displays of natural power.

LOL I like how your ideal vision conveniently omits anyone with any kind of disability :smiley:

Pretty sure the elderly/disabled need that Amazon to be delivered to their door.

And LOL at the airplane hate.

We all know the real reason you don’t want international travel :smiley:

Man has a solution for this, it is called WAR , and then there is the Pandemic.

Now that is a surreal spectacle of mental gymnastics – You literally made my jaw drop open with that one.

Not only is the premise based ENTIRELY in fiction, the “solution” to fix it is equally bonkers in a way that makes no sense and fails to tie to the “problem” that was posed.

Let’s break this down.

Blatant lie. OPEC cutting production down to 40% of their maximum output in order to keep oil prices high in their recent middle east wide production cut does not mean that $100 barrel prices are gone forever.

“stall” is a matter of perspective. It will plateau the economy as the price increase drastically hurts the working class more than the 1%, due to the working class needing gas to travel to the store, work, etc. while the 1% simply raises the interest rate to cover those costs – double whammy to the working class, but plateau is a plateau. Without the working class, there are no 1%'s. Things will even out, though I would predict that the guillotine for the 1% who cause half this mess and rightfully deserve to be beheaded will get by with a slap on the wrist while the working class is pushed one step further into serfdom and indentured slavory – but I digress.

This has absolutely nothing to do with the cost of oil, not even as a 3rd or 4th order effect. This will impact literally nothing.

Unless you are one of the moronic selfish asshats whose argument is “why don’t YOU sell your car and all of your belongings and take the bus like the rest of the undesirables so that the roads are empty for me and I can pollute more without a net raise in pollution to the environment!”

We can cut more carbon by dropping nuclear bombs on China and India and killing all of the living things that would otherwise “emite” carbon than any and all of the stupid ideas that any of you can come up with. The monkey paw solution will always win, and yet the mental gymnastics and logical falacies you morons go through to try to justify why we need to cut back while completely ignoring how the worst offenders act and wantonly destroy the environment is absolutely sickening.

15-minute cities? We have those, only they are so packed with people that its now a 45 minute city, and will be a 60 minute city in less than 3 years with the exponential growth and the impossibility of destroying key areas and existing facilities to widen roads enough and at a fast enough pace to keep up with the person explosion and extra traffic that will be there by the time it is finished. The only way to get back to a 15 minute city is to get rid of the people (read: dropping bombs and murdering en mass), or an act of god (read: biblical style flood that causes murdering en mass). Creating a new city next door doesn’t work. Look at Los Angeles, and all of the cities around it from Torrance to Corona. Same ■■■■ will happen.

Here’s an idea, let’s cut carbon by having you kill yourself, after you kill 10 of your friends who share these stupid ideas, and make sure that your family plans a carbon-free funerial for yourself – no creamation, that burns a lot of natural gas and emits a lot of carbon, as does processing wood for a casket. You’ll just have to make due in the side of a ditch or tossed in a wood chipper and sprayed on farmland.

And yet you fail the realize that it is exactly this that you are wishing upon others, and your privileged, entitled world view is shocked when everybody else sees right through your bullcrap and refuses to do so! It’s very tiresome.

Maybe you should look into why things are the way they are before you write them off as “just because”. Maybe you should EDUCATE YOURSELF ENOUGH TO HAVE AN OPINION BASED ON FACTS AND LOGIC BEFORE ASSUMING THAT YOU KNOW AND START TALKING OUT OF YOUR ASS!

How about this: you live like a serf with chains around your wrists and forced to work 16 hours a day for 7 days a week, and every day you are sick is a day that you don’t eat and are beaten. Report back to us after a few years of that and tell us why it’s important that the rest of us (not including yourself) devaluate ourselves to that of slaves in order for you to feel good about yourself, because we all know that you have no intentions of bettering yourself in any way, let alone do anything that would benefit the environment. Reading this type of response is straight up insulting.

Which was discovered in 1960, and lead to the DEEP FREEZE where humanity would die off due to global cooling, where in year 2000 glaciers and ice would coat the entire planet and kill off all green life on earth!
Because that totally happened, and yet the “nobel prize” for creating and marketing those delusions is still with those “scientists”. It’s like Obama getting the peace prize for his work in extending the iraq war 10 years longer than it would have under Bush. Absolute lunacy, and with no basis in facts or logic.

All of those models were wrong about global cooling, and then they changed their script to global warming — AND THE SAME THING HAPPENED. mind you, the freezing the globe piece was changed to “too hot for life to exist”, but the same doomsayer language was there. And now they’ve gotten rid of the cold and the arm, it’s just “climate change”. Like, they have no idea what is going to happen, but they know it’s bad. Why do they know it’s bad? Who knows, it’s not based in fact and has never once been right, not in 60 years, and that track record looks like it’s going to continue on for the next 60.

Anyhow, 10/10 I am mad from reading that post. my blood pressure went through the roof, if you were trolling then you were completely successful.

Well, in my city, the elderly/disabled which have some mobility can afford a 5 minute wheelchair ride to the supermarket, get their groceries and go back home in another 5 minute ride. I mean, that’s what do the neighbors on the first floor of my apartment building… the only safety hazard they face is a single zebra crossing with a traffic light to stop cars on a two-lane, one direction street.

Also, if you feel that Amazon is essential for disabled people, that’s fine. Just get rid of, say, half the orders from non-disabled people. By cutting down those orders, you’ll also cut down the carbon emissions needed to sail raw matters to China and then manufacture them in China, and the carbon emissions needed to sail those orders from China to wherever your nearest harbor is, then truck them to a logistics center, then truck them to an Amazon storage centre, then truck them to a local distribution hub, then truck them home so you don’t walk five minutes to the nearest supermarket.

“Convenience” is not “need”.

The “worst offenders” still have a lower per capita emission, and probably would emit less if they just manufactured what their population consumes instead of manufacturing what we consume. For an instance, there are 7.2 billion smartphone users in the world, and each one of them owns one or more devices which have been manufactured either in China or Taiwan… but not for the use of Chinese or Taiwanese people.

Remember, “we” didn’t just outsource manufacturing (and labor). We also outsourced carbon emissions… but somehow now this is China’s fault?

(Oh, and BTW… you would look a lot more serious if you knew the difference between your CO2 emissions and your car’s CO2 emissions. It’s a key issue you just ignored by calling to kill living beings in China or India as a way to lower carbon emissions…)