Carrier Ratting Guide


(Klaire Nagato) #81

This may jave been answered already, but I just started up carrier ratting recently and run drone hordes. My fighters only have 12 rockets each and there’s more battleships than that in the Anoms. How do you regulate your volley usage to get the most out of it, or do you just blow them all and the rest of the site use primary guns only?

(Shriven Intaki) #82

@Klaire_Nagato there are different schools of thought on this one, some folks blow through them and then just use guns, other folks will recall and reload the missiles - I personally just blow through them then finish the site with guns and then have my fighters reload as I’m warping to the next site.

(Ag3nt Jita) #83

Which fighters would be the best against angel cartel rats?

(Shriven Intaki) #84

Angels are weak to explosive damage so your go to would be the Einherji

(elitatwo) #85

You can make this out by the color. angel ships have a pink background color and if you use the minmatar drones, you will have an easy time.
Blood Raider, Sanshas, Rogue Drones need the brown-ish or yellow-ish fighters, Guristas and Serpentis the blue-ish fighters and the highest damage are the green-ish ones.

Look in my bio for more info.

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Thank you

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Yes, I enjoyed reading your excellent write up.

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IDK I listen to techno a lot so I usually am in the groove and dont notice the workload I take on. I can multibox up to 6 accounts mining or wh ops… etc… I never have that many in one sight all alone, but I use scouts, alts, the combat guys, and have a few waiting to assist for pvp if I get dropped on. IMO, its not bad at all, and I suggest you try on sisi first. It can be a nightmare if you dont have your screen huds setup for friendly multi boxing, I typically mirror my huds for specific purposes, and change them often, alway optimizing my layout. believe it or not, it makes a HUGE impact on how comfortable I am when running sites in high stress environments. Being familiar with your layout also helps a ton! when I change a setup it does take me a dozen or so sites to be familiar with things. The trick, I will share with you, and I apply this to any art, is acting one or three steps ahead in any given circumstance, so you can get ahead of the curve. IDK maybe how to best explain what I mean. I mean you can like react to your environment, or you can premptively react… if that makes sense. when you become familiar with said process, you can decrease teh time in between stages or descisions, or actions, by knowing what is coming ahead and doing what you do next, sooner. example, when you kill one npc battleship, and say you orbit them closely, when they pop you then approach the next bs right? well when you do you this? at what point did you click approach? It varies of course on many variables but say, when battleship A enters hull, I then click approach to the next npc… or maybe in carrier ratting case, I tell my fighters to move to the next target, there is a slight delay is all I mean from when you make a command. act faster, know what is coming, make that choice to change sooner. this is the art. sorry for such a shitty description of what I mean, i just woke up, im sick, and im baked out of my ■■■■■■■ mind.

(Imustbecomfused) #89

damage match the npc dmg weakness to the fighter that deals said damage. angle cartel is weak against exp and kin and in that order iirc, so the minmatar fighters may be best to use for cartel. for guristas, its kinetic, so use the caldari fighters, because they deal kin dmg.

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@Anderson_Geten I’m not sure what you’re commenting on or asking here?

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I wasnt replying toi your comments and Im not doing anything “special” to meet your needs. thank youl they do have text to speech apps tho on google. I hear they work well for those who cant read AND interpret information.

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Grow up mate… not everyone or everything is going to meet your silly immature expectations…

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Awe, do drugs scare you? lmao … I guess fear is a weird thing, Some are afraid if they open their minds, their brain will fall out LOL

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