Carrier Ratting Guide


(Spiritu Sancto) #101

Hello guys, thanks for the guide.

Nevermind I get it I was using the wrong type of heavy fighters ^^

I managed to get my hands on a supercarrier on Sisi to try out this gameplay (I want to know if this is a long term goal for me to look for or not).
So I’m trying out the Hel, with random Pve fit (4 DDA 2 tracking link 1 nav comp and 4 Fighter Units).
I’m in Guristas space, so I use Mantis and Dragonfly.
I have a big problem: my heavy fighter barely do any dps to the rats !!
No matter what orbit range I default set them (tried from 3k to 15k), they just do ~300 to 700 per hits, for a miserable 0.3-0.4k dps at most. Just to be clear on that matter, to set an orbit range of fighters, I have to edit my ship’s default orbit range right ?
Plus, when I activate their torpedoe salvo, nothing happens damage wise. I dont seem to see any additionnal damage, sometimes varying from 200 to 500 maybe ? but not sure if this is a regular hit or a consequence to the salvo…

On the other hand, my dragonfly seem to have decent dps.
What is wrong with this ? Anyone has an explaination ?

(Shriven Intaki) #102

Hey @Spiritu_Sancto I’m not familiar with Super Carrier ratting at all so unfortunately can’t help you answer those questions but hopefully someone with better knowledge will come along and post up for you.

(Dave Argon) #103

Heavy fighters are meant to hit battleship sized Npcs (smallest target they can hit with precision).

There is multiple guides, just type Supercarrier rating on google :wink:

(Shriven Intaki) #104

Just a bump…

(Imustbecomfused) #105

you ever hear of a PARAGRAPH?

(Gorn Sasen) #106

Which heavy fighters are better for a Super? In terms of ratting?

Long range fighters or short range fighters?

(Shriven Intaki) #107

Hey @Gorn_Sasen - I personally have not yet ventured into Super ratting so am not sure about this, hopefully someone with better knowledge will come along and post up for you.

(Gorn Sasen) #108

You should. It’s better then Carrier ratting. I don’t need to press orbit the hole time. It’s amazing.

(Shriven Intaki) #109

Just a bump…

(Shriven Intaki) #110

This is an overview of carrier ratting taken from this guide: Carrier Ratting Guide

(Rezaa) #111

I haven’t played in a long time, Since back when you used sentry’s on carriers.
I seem to remember that fighters would warp with you if they were out and you warped off. is that still the case?

(Shriven Intaki) #112

@Rezaa there is a similar mechanic still in game, if you warp off grid you can recall your fighters back.

(Oblijimenyaxax) #113

No MWD in fit? Unless without it do not fly? He also very much helps in case of danger.

(Shriven Intaki) #114

@Oblijimenyaxax for a strict ratting carrier I can’t think of any good reason to fit a MWD - do you have any cases where you need one?

(Oblijimenyaxax) #115

for example when you warp an anomaly and someone enters the system. You’ll mow a cycle MWD and fly away.

(elitatwo) #116

Question, do you mean a 500mn mwd or the capital one?

(Oblijimenyaxax) #117

500 mn. 10 sec and u warp to save spot or citadel

(elitatwo) #118

Thanks man!

(Dark Engraver) #119

It’s best to opt for ascendency implants to cut down on warp tunnel time as for warping out you’ll be aligned anyway

(elitatwo) #120

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