Carrots and sticks

Sure you have to spend hundreds of millions or biillions more isk but you get a toggle for 3-d views…

y u mad?

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Didn’t say I was mad. Pointed out the carrot/stick balance : )

y u fanboi?

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Maybe because I don’t have to spend hundred of millions or billions more isk.

Congratulations. Thanks for such a high value contribution

LOL. What does this thread of your accomplish? What sort of discussion were you hoping for?

If you don’t think it accomplishes anything, why are you bothering to contribute?

Feel free to go elsewhere and add more “value.”

thats why people laugh at you
it add tons of value
its the best feature added this year
you don’t see it because you suck at eve

Does that pass for an argument, let alone English, in your world?

one sec ill improve


[quote=“tutucox_Khamsi, post:10, topic:271785, full:true”]

Yeah, not so much. You might want to investigate the proper use of apostrophes and periods and explore the ad hominem fallacy.

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Tutucox blows up arguments on the forum like he blows up the Minmatar in Eve!



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I am not offended. But when you say you’ve corrected it and haven’t come close…well that’s amusing.

Well a stick is more useful than a carrot unless you’re hungry.

Dear colleague. I can see why you are frustrated, maybe my english is not on par with your standards. Its not my native language and its hard for me to please members of the cream of the intellectual society like you. That being said i question your knowledge of the game eve online because the feature to turn off resource intensive 3d graphics will be of incommensurable importance for the game, the principal and most obvious implication is to improve the large null sec battles. I do think that if you fail to see that you are a terrible eve player . Have a lovely evening . :heart:

Dear colleague. Your insistence that large scale null sec graphics are an important part of the game is belied by the statistics. What percentage of game activity, do you imagine, is large scale null sec combat?

It’s fine for you to question my knowledge but when you cannot justify your point of view, it makes you look petty and ignorant.

That does seem to be part of the policy


it will help poor people to pew pew to

What’s your point? By percentage of activity it may be small, but as a selling point for the game and driver of other activities it is very important.