Cascading Windows

When I have two windows open at the same time that are the same size, and they cannot be stacked, the newest window that was opened moves itself slightly down and to the right (cascades). Too often I’m left unlocking my newest window and dragging it back to it’s original position, otherwise it will always open slightly down and to the right. Please implement an option to disable this automatic cascading of windows. Thank you, devs.


Is it possible to get a Picture in Picture feature added to the game that would be optional?

There’s an option in Esc menu - General Settings - that allows you to stack/merge windows…

Even window like scanning or preview? Cause those are unstackable.

Not sure but I think they can be merged with other windows, basically making one window with a bunch of tabs.

Spoiler warning: This annoying behavior is in fact being fixed in tomorrow’s update.


I love these kind of spoilers, and hope to see more of them :slight_smile:

Can we get an update (perhaps in the form of a dev blog) on the status of Photon UI development? Can the team tell us any specific player-feedback ‘pain points’ that are being considered for changes?

• Will basic UI conventions like minimize/close be exposed on ALL windows and sub-window dialog pop-ups?

• Will it become easier to distinguish “streamlined” elements, like scroll bars and line elements that separate types of information or groups of controls? (Dark color themes make controls and separation elements that have been ‘streamlined’ even more critical to feature discoverability / usability: clicking in the right place, the first time.)

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We are indeed addressing some of those points in the next update.

Windows in compact mode will be getting their minimize and close buttons visible at the top-level again. We experimented with placing the window controls in a sub-menu in order to give windows such as chat more room for tabs. However, it’s been pretty clear from the feedback that this is detrimental to usability, so we’re reverting back to the old setup.

Scrollbars are getting a visual overhaul as well. They will now have a visible track to better indicate the extent of the scroll area, and the handle no longer expands in a funky way when you hover the mouse over it.

Content area separation is something that we are aware of as in need of some improvement. In the upcoming update we added better feedback when interacting with resize handles, and we added some separation lines in a few places, but it’s something that’s still in on our to-do list to improve further.

Thank you, by the way, for the detailed feedback in your linked posts. This kind of quality feedback really makes an impression and often gets shared directly for discussion within our team.

We’ll be publishing the patch notes with the rest of the changes later today. Until then though, you can check out this blog post that mentions a few more things that are landing in the next update: Improving Photon UI


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