CCP Falcon! o7

Late o7 to CCP Falcon. Sad to see he left.


*cough* really.

If that was the case then you’d know who you are talking to,
because my chars are a mainstay on these forums since 2013.

Yet you act as if you had no idea I even existed on these forums,
which is telling me that you’re a liar who didn’t properly do his homework.

If by “mainstay” you mean, crying a lot in the forums. Yes, you’re a mainstay.


Ohhh, now the alts are coming out!
I’m actually honoured now. :blush:

Did you pick “HyperNet_Relay” as name and got it renamed,
because they don’t like assholes doing this kind of thing?

… or what’s behind your interesting name? :smiley:


What do they think of you, friend?

You should never have sold your char! I still see you roaming Hek and surroundings in my memories.

Are you back ingame or still stick to shooting at the froums only?


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Mara! Wow, long time no see!
How are you doing??

Thank you. :slight_smile:

A month+ ago I came back on a weekend and had a blast. Either it was me making Hek awesome and lively, or I took a really lucky day. It made me subscribe a few days later, at which reality hit me again and Hek was the same desert as I remember it from 2013 onwards.

There was a great fight in Hek we took part in. I’m prominent at the early stages of the video and later on you can see “me” FCing Black Pedro and his fleet. My first bigger fleet and I ■■■■■■ up gloriously, because I had no idea how to coordinate everything … but it taught me a lot.

I’d love to be back, but Hek is depressing me with it’s desert-like state and my corpmate only rarely has time to play. In the meantime I just keep stocking up on all kinds of turrets (7000+ so far) and, for the first time ever, try to amass wealth big enough to force people to play with me. :angry:

Do you still play, or are you planning to?
How are you doing?
I see you’ve got ten posts here … are you planning on staying on the forums?

Ohhhhh, now I know who you are! :smiley:

Fighting some health issues. But I shouldn’t complain much, looking at how many long time friends died in the last couple of years, at ages between 47 and 56 :frowning: . Depressing stuff.

I’m looking forward to get back ingame sometime in Q2 2020. I’ve completely lost track of changes, so it takes some effort to return. I’ll also have to decide, what I want to do when I get back. I’ll be lacking the time I used to have before I left and that will not change in the foreseeable future.

Until then I’ll be at least back on the forums, reading mostly. I still despise the forum software :wink: .


Sorry for the late reply.

Q2 2020! Holy smokes!
What a busy life?

Oh hey!
I really like your hair!
And your face!
And chocolate!