CCP: I beg you to consider (re-)enabling auto-claim rewards during events

I ended up using an auto clic tool that open the agency, clic on the four button to “claim”, and then reduce the agency (not close !) every 30s.

Here CCP, I fixed your crap !

Isn’t that prohibited by the EULA?

isn’t it prohibited to make a game with such a retard feature ?


After CCP introduced the updated harassment policy, I will not comment with my usual vocabulary on this question. Only so much: :innocent:

BTW it’s not forbidden, I don’t use this tool to increase the rate at which I acquire items, I use to increase the rate at which I claim so it is totally allowed.

I also used an auto clicker to feed items in the previous abyss events (for 5 minutes after which I realized this was pointless). I was cliking in open, then give item, then in inventory double clicking on the item (fiter for the name of the item) to open it, then accept, and close. rinse and repeat. at first I had done it by hand but this was too tedious.

Also I consider this as a test of stupidity from CCP.
People who don’t find a way to automate they crappy system are then considered stupid and will have a reduced amount of loot for the next two years.

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Good luck with that! :rofl:

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The new “whack-a-mole” mini-game Is discouraging to my participation in these events. Its mildly insulting to force these extra clicks on players, when we know full well the system is capable of keeping score on our behalf.


why don’t ya guys just tell yer corpses to do the dirty work for ya?

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If it didnt load the map, thered be no problem


The lack of an auto-claim system is a huge mistake. If you do not claim your reward, the Agency reward tracking system will stop tracking the number of kills or tasks you perform in that category until you click “Claim Reward.”

Which means your kills stop getting recorded and are not compounded until you interact with the Agency event system.

This is a step back from the original implementation of the Agency reward system and I truly hope that auto-claim is restored in the very near future.


just open the agency window, make as small as possible and put to the side, hit the claim button when ever you need to.

I had no issue doing the sites this way quickly and competitively solo or multiboxing or part of a fleet

Maybe you don’t.

What about the rest of us who are used to the system as it was originally implemented? Less clicking, reduced time to navigate, and properly tracking every kill you make.

I prefer the original implementation, and I hope we see it return.

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Still this is UI degradation.

The agency window is roughly 1/3 of my screen. This is on top of the overview, local, d-scan, drones, target? and chat windows + the locked targets and modules icons. When is it too much?

Which is good against afk playing.

no it is not.

Punishing active players is always good against AFK usage. The fact that AFK users can just use click bots if they want to, however, shows that AFK user suffer a lot less under the changes than active users who do not use or want to use such tools as they are questionable with regards to the EULA.

Not sure about you, but even in the smallest possible window size the Agency still occupies more than 25% of the screen. Requiring that this hideous window is open all the time is neither good UI or event design nor userfriendly design. Doesn’t matter if you are willing to buckle up and just accept this like an obedient sheep.


Hit them where it matters.

People should just stop playing EVE and stop paying cash for that.

The lights are on at CCP, but nobody’s home.