CCP: I beg you to consider (re-)enabling auto-claim rewards during events

then get a bigger screen, quit playing on a laptop, and get a real rig…

i mean i got to watch movies and stuff as well, shrugs but yeah a 55" 4k monitor works wonders :slight_smile:

I am playing on a 1080p screen. Why should I buy a 4k screen or something like that just because CCP is not competent enough to program and design the UI properly? Unless CCP pays me money to use EVE, I do not see any justification for such an insolent demand to compensate for poor programming or design skills.

You are perfect consumer aren’t you? :rofl:

not what your version of perfect is…

mine would be rich enough to buy out CCP lock, stock, and barrel…not just as an investor

When you buy CCP, will you add more UI screens and buttons to EVE, to cross-promote your side business in sales of big screen monitors? [/s] :wink:

Separately, after several days of boycotting the event I did force myself to play whack-a-mole in the agency window. I got the top prize, proving that if CCP provides a strong enough incentive, players will put up with just about anything.

UI changes were discussed in the CSM minutes; nobody saw auto-claim as a question during the summit - but clearly more work is being done in the UI, so I hope for the sake of hope. Thread FYI: @Jin_taan, @Brisc_Rubal, @Steve_Ronuken

CCP Shreddy shows a slide addressing the UI and UX of the Agency, with event identity and branding outside of the agency, event on-boarding and notification of active events, overhaul to the challenge card system with re-runnable challenges, permanent one time challenges, weekly buckets of challenges that unlock over event duration and removing convolution in the challenge cards as well as making the events in the agency more prominent.

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UI changes for the Crimson Harvest event will see the mandatory clicky buttons for various tasks docked to the main viewport, we won’t have to keep the Agency window open to click to claim rewards: over, over and over again! Thanks CCP for the UI change, that much is welcome. But PLEASE STOP forcing needless extra clicks on players!



OR @CCP_Falcon / @CCP_Dragon could we have an explanation as to why these extra steps/clicks have been added to events?

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They are removed in next event

Also, I heard they were added as a fix to a bug .

Couldn’t agree more The Larold. This button is making me crazy… I actually dislike running events now because I keep forgetting that I need to click that god d**n button every 10 kills and wait a few sec before fighting on. My god, what kind of drugs where the devs on to even come up with this idea that this would be fun gameplay? Fire someone.

Just wait till your new overlords Pearl Abyss steps in and saves the day…

…by introducing a cash shop feature that auto-claims your rewards for you for only $3.99 per event. :neutral_face:

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I made my previous comment based on the test server, while the event was briefly available before being disabled for few days before it went live. I do like the new in-space dockable event progress bars, but the needless extra clicks have gotta go.


Just because some people do this doesn’t mean we all should be punished. Already up in the thread there is a player coming out and telling everyone he uses a bot to work as an auto-claim. These people will just do what they want regardless everyone else. If you want players to stay active make the events less standard. The fact people can AFK and do these events is because it is very predicable how do complete them. You want more active players in these events they need to be unpredictable. This idea of forcing someone to click to claim is completely bogus.

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They won’t reimplement this…because it would be backtracking…and automatically redeeming allegedly runs the risk of having the event abused by bots.

Click-to-claim from the main screen in space seems to be a reasonable compromise. I don’t remember the details that I posted when I opened this thread, but I remember a majority of the friction was having to have the agency window open to claim.

Yea the best option would be to claim it as it is complete automatically, but having it on the main screen transparent is okay. BUT, I had to move windows around it because I have things open on top of the location they hold this in… annoying but work around able .

You are correct that most of the complaints were about doing it via agency window, but that misses the point that players are demanded to perform these stupid extra clicks AT ALL. They detract from gameplay.

Click-to-claim makes us into one of Pavlov’s dogs.

Pavlov noticed that his dogs began to salivate in the presence of the technician who normally fed them, rather than simply salivating in the presence of food. Pavlov called the dogs’ anticipatory salivation “psychic secretion”. Putting these informal observations to an experimental test, Pavlov presented a stimulus (e.g. the sound of a metronome) and then gave the dog food; after a few repetitions, the dogs started to salivate in response to the stimulus.

It is so terribly unnecessary. We were getting rewarded by the previous system. The association was with gameplay activity. With this change, the reward association was moved to a stupid button. Please don’t stop protesting this change.

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