(CowRocket Void) #87

Parts of Querious too :stuck_out_tongue:


delve bots.

(StonerPhReaK) #89

There’s the problem. Still mining in hisec after years…

(Mai Hantaka) #90

Not seeing the problem. Completed an armor titan and super, shield super is in build and components for the shield titan are stacking up nicely too.

(Billy Sanchezo) #91

Oh, and may we know why this is a problem ?

Some people are PVPing since 2003 and nobody told them anything.

(Solecist Project) #92


(Quor Dresden) #93

If ore and ice, or what ever you mine/ harvest was always available in full glory for you and everyone else the price would drop. On materials and mods we make with them. It just fine the way it is. If mining looks grim to me I do missions, or explore. Or any number of Eve activities are available to you when mining is in short supply.

(Commissar Veldt) #94


Hahahaha love threads that start with titles like this

(Lugburz) #95

literally cant take this post seriously xD

(Sebs Pride) #96

If someone drops a titan on a venture I would pay isk for a screenshot.

(Sebs Pride) #97

I am slightly easy of delve and I see blood convoys quiet a bit when I was trying to find an officer spawn (no success)

Skiffs and deepspace haulers, the fleet they call in is pretty threatening.

(Sebs Pride) #98

Have you tried grinding your amarr stats above -5?

(Skitterball) #99

It’s the system you are in. I was mining in Khankenardia, pretty exclusively back in 2012/2013 whenever I was in High Sec, so when I came back a few months ago I went back there. Got introduced to NPC miners at the time (Thukker Mix) and saw them stripping out all the belts…

I moved. Problem solved. Haven’t run into them since. Find a system with 10+ asteroid belts and your likelyhood decreases even further.