CCP official web version of Eve Portal

Is there a CCP official web version of Eve Portal?

I am on Linux and want to see a character dashboard like Eve Portal, but in my browser (then we can also make it a “web app” in the Linux desktop environment).

Does (or will) CCP make a web only version of their Eve Portal?

At this time, no, there is not a web version of the Portal mobile app.

Will there be one? Nobody but CCP devs can answer that, and we all know they rarely do.

In the meantime, if you do not have an Android or iOS mobile device or do not want to install the Portal app to your mobile device, you are SoL - unless you have an emulator, of course.

It’s only on Google Play so NO, I don’t use Google Play on Android.

When I can sideload it, then maybe.

But a web version would complement their Eve Anywhere too and be useful especially for Linux users since EveMon is not on Linux (not even on Mono).

Another issue is if you run multiple virtualisations at the same time, for example you cannot run Android (based on Qemu and KVM) along side Virtual Box (solution there is to stick to KVM and Qemu for all emulation/virtualisation).

Also running the Eve Portal at the same time all day long is easier with a web app isolated or in a browser tab. More light weight too than having a KVM based instance run.

No argument there. You might post feedback in the EVE Portal forum on accessibility of the features via a web service and not just an app, or publishing the apk for sideloading.

Already done that Android APK

But a web version would be far more lightweight and versitile and for people whom don’t also want the heavy weight Android client. You can even use the web version on the mobile and link it to the “launcher” there.

You could code your own web app for most of the features that has, there are end points for reading all that data, the only things you can’t do via ESI are things like change skills and buy stuff, but to be fair i don’t think i’ve ever had a need to actually edit my skillqueue when i’m away from my PC or the need to buy stuff

Should be fairly trivial for a linux user to code something up to meet most of their needs

There are some chrome extensions that say they run Android apps. Chrome runs in Linux. I have not tried them myself as I have no need but have you?

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