CCP plans to remove PvP from HS

that’s when you learn to brew/distill :wink:

I agree there should be a “tutorial zone”/ safezone but making 20% of the game (and heavily populated too) into one is a bit overkill. Arguably whole hs is a tutorial zone as it is now.

Also goes against CCP’s “more destruction” policy. Although recent changes (resource redistribution) have forced nullbears to afk mine on HS alts/ alpha accounts…

imo they should just add a “don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose” slogan on login screen, problem solved.

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You know who ganks new players most?

New players.


Does this look like a new player?

Right, didn’t think so.

I shoot for isk, new players don’t tend to have much of that.

I think you need to qualify that. It’s disingenuous as stated. Most new players attempt to gank someone once. Just once.

They undock, target, shoot , and get concorded. It’s almost a right of passage. Then they go mine or run missions, or whatever else that doesn’t guarantee ship loss.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Maybe just a misinterpretation but I thought Ramona meant new players are responsible for losing their ships most due to being new and still learning the game compared to the few cases when someone actually ganks them. At least that is how I’ve interpreted that quote.

Ok, so most new players have tried ganking by that standard.

Thats a lot of ganks.

But anyway, why would a new player not start at the bottom? They cant move down, so if they decide to keep ganking the only way is up, or stay the same.

Individuals who make up literal percentages of ganks either dont go for worthless new players or they simply trawl which happens to include them. As for backing it up, either find KBs acceptable (dont blame ya if ya dont), or just explain the illogic of loosing large numbers of Catas well above the value of ventures on said ventures.

Ergo if you are a new player, and you are ganked, odds are its by a new player.

From what I read in the forums, I get the impression that CODE does all the ganking?

Anyway, I’m glad I was a “griefer” before there were were gankers! :laughing:

I’m not disagreeing. I’m just thinking that what we think when we say gank doesn’t really apply to the new player seeing what happens when he shoots at someone in this new game he’s trying out for the first time.

I wasn’t trying to imply that you are deliberately being disingenuous. Just that drawing a parallel between what CODE (for example) does to what a new player does in his first few hours is not a good faith comparison.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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It may very well mean the opposite. If concord´s patience is running out with trigger happy capsuleers the logic choice for a dynamic system would be to reinforce the concord presence in the systems with most destruction.

A 1,0 Uedama would be as memeable than a 0,1 jita.

Ah ok. Thats probably why I didnt mention them.

Irrelevencies are statistically redundant after all. :wink:

fixed this one. :nerd_face:

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But arent 90% of players bots?

But that means… Counts on fingers

We are the only player left?


definitely yes! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: