CCP Totally Failed it's Hsec players

Thanks for your advice, so today I visited lowsec and found some Gneiss :grin::+1:t2::pick:


You don’t make people feel they are getting somewhere by making things easier. The secret to greater noob survival in Eve is not necessarily to have people do more or learn more…but make them feel they have done that. Eve needs to encourage more of a mindset that every little thing is an achievement….rather than the current ’ I’m an elite solo PvP killer and your 50,000 padded kills are worthless ’ mentality.

This can set up players for failure in much the same way that not having any expectations at all could.

This can’t be the current mentality. Less than 20% of all kills are solo kills, and players with group kills outnumber players with solo kills by about 10:1. Realistically speaking, maybe about 2% of the game’s active population gets any solo kills on a regular basis, so this can’t be the predominant viewpoint.

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Ah…that must be why I hear it here all the time :slight_smile:

This forum is often rather bizarre. You get people who spend years stating XYZ…who then demand that they have never said XYZ. Maybe Eve should be renamed to Cognitive Dissonance.

Can you make an example?

Woooo, I’m part of the 2%!!!
Yet only around 10% of all my kills are solo…

Listen missy demon hound from outer space!

If that’s how you’re going to behave then I will say that I don’t appreciate what ever that kitten is doing to that bunny.

You can go jump in a wormhole for the day!

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I don’t think it’s that hard to safely mine. I use my Apple Vision Pro to belt mine using a virtual display window. I just set the audio warning to 99% shields so I can put down my Jamba Juice or Starbucks or whatever and respond.

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That’s funny that you two fight over trivial matters.

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Oh I don’t know about that sweety.

I do recall some story about you saving a freighter. You do like to fantasise.


Never worry about trivial things that could cause you to give up on me Missy.

In the end it all returns back to me and I am pleased when I notice that it went to fight High Sec Crime!

The most serious being mining without a permit.

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there is nothing wrong with fitting a armor and shield fitting when you know you will be using both of them

Actually there is:

Avoid mixing tanks

Modules are available to help both your shields and your armor, but it is a good rule of thumb to focus on either shields or armor, not both.

Most of the time a tank takes up a substantial proportion of powergrid, CPU and either midslots (shield tank) or lowslots (armor tank). If you fit a shield tank, you can put useful things (damage modules, speed and agility modules &c) in your lowslots, and if you armor tank you can put useful things (tackling modules, electronic warfare modules, propulsion modules &c) in your midslots. Both types of tank at once leave you with little space for other useful modules.

This rule also applies to mixing buffer tank with active tank. Buffer and active tank modules both require heavy powergrid and CPU, both consume the same limited set of slots, and both fitting theories satisfy different, usually mutually exclusive, goals and conditions.

Double-tanked ships are usually only used as specially-designed bait.

There are exceptions however, such as no tank atall, which as @Aiko_Danuja has pointed out, works well in systems such as Uedema.

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I play on challenge mode, so I neither fit armor nor shields.


I’m here when you are ready.

Zaera is correct. As fang explained, fitting both types of tanks is inefficient by design. While there may be niche cases where it is desirable (perhaps you are a scaredy cat Highsec miner), it is generally inadvisable, but feel free to die however you desire.

I personally recommend purple mods.


@Zaera_Keena @Aiko_Danuja

Please stop bullying convict puffalot. It is immoral to tell another player how to play by giving them advice. Every player should be able to play how they want to, and not how you want them to. Giving other players advice is basically harassment.

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There’s something weirdly freeing about that phrasing. It’s very…eve