CCPlease. Literally unplayable

Compact mode makes preview windows look out of place. It still scales probably with headers in mind from the default mode.

Resolution 1920x1080. Max settings.
Can be seen in picture below:

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Looks fine to me.


“Literally unplayable”, because of some 3D rendering window out of whack? What’s your playstyle, looking at pretty pictures?


It’S been like that ever since CCP worked on the window, and it was pointed out to them years ago (by now). It’s by far not the only window or content area that exceeds its window’s or column’s borders.

This is CCP’s idea of high quality UI work and falls perfectly in line with all the other high quality UI quirks of Photon. If we are lucky, CCP will fix this and other of the hundreds of still existing and newly introduced issues in 10 years or so.


Our logs show nothing.



It’s a meme.
Something most people won’t notice, with “literally unplayable” as a joke. Like, some turrets are not aligned, or sometimes a pixel is too big on a skin, bad color, etc. The joke is that people use “literally” as its opposite (figuratively) .

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Yeah I wasn’t sure if its gonna be a duplicate post, but checking last few months I didn’t see it so decided to post it.

It does seem like the only window with this issue. I didn’t find any other window with this issue but one can hope that this will be fixed as it really doesn’t seem like a complex fix. Most likely just the anchors have to be moved/changed.

tips fedora

The issue is that irony does not transmit well over the internets, especially to people who don’t have the cultural codes to decode it. (not a problem in that case though…)

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Check Photon UI - General Feedback - #221 by Dyver_Phycad and Photon UI - General Feedback - #215 by Dyver_Phycad and Photon UI - General Feedback - #213 by Dyver_Phycad among other instances for more examples on how content overflows and exceeds allotted space.

uff that looks rough :')

I don’t think it’s a joke…

… it’s literally not knowing the literal definition of literally.


Preview windows “looking out of place” makes the game unplayable? What is this?

A joke.