Change needed for invasion payout mechanism


I run incursion for the social interactivity, a view common among PvE players. Forcing all the HS communities into a single focus changes Incursions from PvE into contesting, which is a form of passive-aggressive PvP. The fleets I run tend to have a fair number of newbros, so the DPS simply isn’t there to contest effectively but is fine for running the sites if there is another focus to move to. Now with only one HS spawn, we are boxed into the passive-aggressive mode, and the content is not fun.

Not everything has to be PvP, and the idea that I need to have a bunch of ganking alts to make money in invasions or have all my loot stolen is just making the situation worse. CCP needs to admit they failed, and their blatant disregard, at best, of incursion community is not a good move.


But yeah I don’t see the good part about CCP trying to completely ■■■■ over one of the bigger (only?) Highsec community actions that are actually worth doing, consistently.

Like lets be honest there is some other thing that you can do in Highsec but they either involve no direct interaction with other people (e.g. market trading, hauling, cosmos missions) or pay really no enough to even consider running in groups (normal lvl4 missions, exploration, mining) or they are something you really don’t wanna do all the time (well very few people maybe want to) (ganking).

So yeah by going down to apparently 1 Spawn only for Incursion, you are basically keeping one of the Last activities that are even worth talking to other people too, in Highsec from being able to be done every day. So either they just have random days every week were there is just no reason to login at all or they try to go to content that over years was proven to not support big communities consistently.

Yes running missions once or twice in a group can be some fun, but for sure not over a long time span, even apart from it paying jack ■■■■.

So basically CCP is forcing Incursion Communities into this new Content

  • that is not even fully released
  • has lootmechanics that might work for really small groups or solo people
  • apparently needed to be fixed even during the first days already because of cause rats were retarded?
  • Seems to pay really shitty for now, even if you get all the loot/salvage

Lets not even talk about the time that would need to be invested to make tools, to properly split the money made from the loot to people that are not part of a fixed group where the isk just goes to SRP wallet. Because of cause CCP doesn’t provide any.

Or they can just shut down for multiple days a week.
So good job ccp trying to destroy the last thing in Highsec that actually gets people to gather apart from suicide ganking and fighting over who has the Keepstar in Perimeter.

Since some people seem to have a problem with 1 Spawn only, because of contests too much people for 1 Spanw etc.
The only problem I have with that is that:

  • It isn’t up permanently so people that can only play on weekend e.g. are just looking dumb if it is down
  • It can be downed prematurely really easily after like 2 days, which was way harder before because you would need to kill 3 (in HS)


in general replacing a source of player income and money faucet with one which provides income and is not a money faucet is a good move for the economy.

But for some reasons we can only guess about, it was not implemented against the by far largest and runaway growing money faucet of the last few years but against one which has about 1/6 of the volume of the largest one and has been stable over the last few years.

And it was implemented in a way which makes the replacement quite unattractive and kills off a popular pastime of some players.

Also the implementation was not across the board but only for a certain area of space as Null and Low Incursions have not seen a decrease in spawn rate.

One could now draw conclusions from the composition of a certain advisory board to CCP to these happenings, but those would certainly be premature and unfounded, right?



This is what I don’t get. Why adjust incursion spawns? Like others have posted it’s almost like CCP is wanting players who normally run incursions to instead run invasions. Are they testing something? Do they plan to change incursions? What would have been so bad about keeping incursions the same and just adding these invasions in? So many questions!

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You are right of course, but without the reward, the risk and effort to form doesn’t seem to be worth it.
With no fleets forming, not really much reason to log in to the game…

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Then go find something else to do?

Pretty sure that’s not what CCP had in mind, hence my post.

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EVE contrary to what nullsecers think is NOT all abt PvP…,u enjoy killin each other…?..,fine…do so…,but let us in Hisec enjoy the company of friends who DON’t want to shoot at each other for fun.

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You must be confused, this is EVE Online, not Hello Kitty Island Paradise. It’s first and foremost a PvP game. Always has been, and always will be.

That being said, why are you even whining about this? The fact that the Invasion takes place in highsec already protects you from most PvP since Concord is there to punish people who attack others. Why are you complaining?

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Ain’t whining…and even if iwas i’m pretty sure Null loves carebears tears anyways…,just my 2cent…,all should have a place in this game…,banning Hisec won’t solve PvPers agression issues anyways…

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No one even mentioned this, why are you bringing it up?

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So hard to have one noctis in the fleet?

Even with a dedicated noctis, hard to keep up against 3 or 4 ninjas

Even with the salvaging power of a Noctis, it is no match for a few salvaging ninjas that can get to your wrecks faster than you can tractor them into your range.
There really is no benefit to forming up a large fleet when the ninjas just take everything from you.

I empathize completely, but it’s important to remember that, unlike other MMOs, EVE is specifically designed so that the endgame has always been, and will always be, PVP.

Everything in EVE encourages players to inch toward PVP, and while there has always been and will always be a PVE safe haven, EVE makes sure that you feel how much you are missing out by keeping yourself out of even relatively entry-level PVP opportunities. You don’t have to have max skills and blingy fits and be uber knowledgeable to get into PVP either - make some friends, join some groups, get involved in things larger than yourself. That’s literally the essence of an MMO over a single player game or sandbox.

For this reason, I actually applaud that CCP has introduced these “close contact”, passive-aggressive situations where you have to make that decision: engage in PVP or be taken advantage of by those who are willing to risk it and enjoy the rewards that come with said risk.

Yes… engage in PVP then get a CONCORD party and kill rights.

I agree totally! This is not the ISK Online game!

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No fleets forming? There is a couple spectre fleet every day… there are also public incursion fleets, invasion fleets (I recently joined one… and I am in FW), you can join FW and soon enough you will be joining some fleet ops if you feel so… there is plenty of things happening.

Salvage from a ship is free too loot, otherwise you’d get a criminal flag for salvaging like you do when you flip a can.

I’m sure it will adapt and strategies will emerge to suppress the potential of the ninja salvagers.

But, That said. I ran a 20 ship fleet on the 2nd day for a solid 6-7 hours and we faced similar issues with losses to ninjas and only probably earned a little in excess of 1BN (probably losing another 1BN in salvage.

I decided that maybe the opportunity lay in that direction and fit myself a solid ninja salvager. And to be honest, I like that it is discouraging the gameplay, it should be a challenge to pull off as that will squeeze the market and raise the prices for the salvage loot I do collect. People still want the salvage for the construction.