Change needed for invasion payout mechanism

Interestingly enough, last point has been bone of contention for a long time. And I mean years, in old forums. I can salvage any wreck I like but I cannot tractor it if it is yellow. That makes flying a noctis to be a particularly useless exercise for me.

That said, the third option I have observed is a noctis being part of an Invasion response fleet. In that case they have to be part of the team, because they could not tractor otherwise. So, all this complaining about people “stealing my stuff” when, 1) salvaging has never been illegal and, 2) I cant get near the wrecks now, because everyone else is hoovering them up from within fleets. So, adaptation has been swift and (partly) effective.

The irony is, I was only scavenging in venture in first place because I was hunting the rumoured ore anoms. Never found any and just salvaged whilst looking. But if/when they appear, that will def add a new payout mechanism to Invasions And might change the current salvaging-only dynamic as a consequence?


Yeah, that’s the basis of a discussion. I give you my opinion, and you tell me why you think it does not work this way. Even if my opinion is stupid, at least after you make the effort to explain why, I understand your opinion and you get why this opinion of yours is not obvious.

As Lily has pointed out above, looting gets you a flag, salvaging does not, and the majority of ‘income’ in the Invasions currently is mostly from salvage.

Heh, have seen this too, I’m assuming because you’ll (possibly) get T2/faction modules drop in the player wrecks, but the trig wrecks, not so much.

Right, but you’re smarter than that, so posting stupid stuff just wastes everyones time (gums up the works, if you will) when you already know better, it’s not helpful to the discussion at hand.


Yup. Jumped into invasion foothold yesterday. Found a player BS wreck right on gate. Stripped it of its mainly T2 mods (about 7 mil value), went suspect, and that was about all she wrote. Very few trig wrecks after that (not that many players tbh) so just went back to ice mining.

Part of the problem “might” be that the foothold trig fleets on day 1/ 0.5 system seemed much larger to me than day 7/ 0.9 system. Lore-wise it would be complete nonsense to scale fleets based on system security, so maybe CCP just dialled it back during week 1?

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keep your lectures for yourself, I just odn’t care. I tell you why I asked that question, seems you can’t understand the goal of a discussion… well then there is no point reading your post.

:slight_smile: You sure do seem to post a lot of crap in response to stuff you don’t care about… y u hafta b mad? I especially like how you quote the bottom of my post, then claim you didn’t read it, lol, totally believable.

I’d also note ignoring others opinions is no way to have a discussion, it seems you would rather argue.

PS Your reply (& my response) is also not helpful to the discussion at hand. :stuck_out_tongue:


Minor thingy that spawns in foothold system pays 15mil per pilot not sure what is limit on that but not that bad salvage aint bad too if this escalate thru rest of systems money will flow

Harder sites are incoming and i cant see that being completed without fleet.

First 50 pilots, from what I observed yesterday.

EDIT: wasn’t really paying attention but it might be the top 56 damage dealers who get the DED payouts on conduits? Either way, it’s something like that.

Has anyone calculated comparative value for ore? There were lots of small rocks at each minor conduit. Scordite-based with added noxcium and megacyte.

Did anyone have time to do content/ volume/ market calculation? What regular ore is this equivalent to in isk/m3?

EDIT: empirical evidence from evepraisal is a single buy order from Jita @ 2420 isk places talassonite on same level as spodumain @ 2505 isk. Using other dense ores (16 m3/unit) this also puts it at level of various arkonor flavors but way above bistot and gneiss currently.

TL;DR invasion ore is worth at least as much as the best ABC types.

Unfortunately this is very true.
As for me, I refuse to defend the systems againt the invaders, as long as ninja salvaging works w/o any consequenses (i.e. suspect timer). Im not the kind of guy to do all the work for a low wage, while the small, very fast locking and salvaging ships get all the wreck treasures.

I rather see all the systems burn down to ashes. Well, CONCORDS fault, if they cant enforce a proper law designed for the situation :rage:

I have lost very little to this. It is odd that its allowed, but it also provides opportunity. Most are small ships, very easy to gank in a cheap ship with the potential for a high payout. If they have full cargo that could be hundreds of millions or at least tens of millions in loot.

Guys ninja salvaging do not work so well since the stage 2 of the invasion. If you don’t shoot the triglivian anyone can have the agro including the salvager.
I have tested t and it work well, the salvager just WO.
If you keep alive some ankoring it is even better :stuck_out_tongue:

I have grown increasingly irritated with ninja salvangers going into my fleets major and minor sites and just taking all the damn salvage. My fleet immediately target locks them, but everyone knows the most important loot is in the goddamn salvage…WHY NO SUSPEKT!!! GIVE ME SUSPEKT SO I CAN SHOOT EM!!!

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Salvaging the wrecks of others has been the game for ever. Adapt: Have a ganker in fleet .


Why, after how many fleets?, you don’t have your own salvager? If you don’t care about the salvage, then you don’t deserve it.

This is insulting as ■■■■ to everyone who ever created content.

Farmers are consumers, not creators. People who put up fleets to consume content do not create content. They enable others to consume content, but do not create content.

The ones who create content are the old and new players causing you to whine about the salvage. Salvaging is the oldest new player profession.

You guys suck.
■■■■ Farmers!

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Happy Cake Day!

Thanks, was puzzled first, but it’s the anniversary of posting in the new forum. My EvE birthday is in July.

That’s the definition of a creator, by opposition to a consumer.

According to yourself there is no content creator in Eve.

Funny that you are still searching for more stupidity every time you post.

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