Change OH buttons to easier UI

I do not count the times I screwed up OH when I had to undo OH and it didn’t work
bc under pressure, that is normally when someone needs to OH, it’s also means
that you are in serious trouble… and my response times, halves, and it’s prone to errors…
My hands wanders around that tiny green stretch of a line over the modules, and it almost always misses it…

I wish the modules could have a re-shaping, so it could have two more clear, and BIGGER
buttons, one to ACTIVATE OH, and ONE to DE-ACTIVATE. So no errors can be made.

They could also change overall shape, to circular, to say Hexagonal, with, maybe, on the outer edges,
two little triangles, protruding on the upper sides of the modules, for OH, or other features…

Example, the bastion module, could have two triangles, one for 30 sec duration, and one for say 5 min, that would pimp up siege capabilities… just an idea…

fly brave!

PS. Also, why do not change set route base color from yellow to say… green?? Something more


Shift-click. I can never hit that green bar during a fight either.


Oh, cool, tnx! Idk that!

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