Changelist 2017-07


(CCP Avalon) #1


Styles change

  • Lowered font size of notification window so they should better fit the window size set by Discourse


Desktop view only

  • Removed link placement from yesterday
  • Added a more consistently available dev posts link to header (original post)


  • Added links to hamburger menu (original post)
  • Developer posts
  • ISD posts
  • CSM posts

Desktop view only

  • Added a link to developer posts next to category, latest, new, etc…

(CCP Avalon) #2

(Rain6637) #3

is there a chance we might get a chat integration?

Twitch also, perhaps

(CCP Avalon) #4

Chat, probably not. Could you further clarify the Twitch integration you’re asking for?

(Rain6637) #5

One of those miniature Twitch viewers that you see as widgets on websites. Some of them also include a stream of the chat in a small box below the video thumbnail. Clicking the video feed usually jumps to the Twitch page of the account. I think Twitch channels can also be set to mirror other streams, so if a player was streaming under the EVE category, it could be piped through to the sidebar viewer.

Probably too intrusive, but could be cool.

(Teinyhr) #6

No idea what you did, but yesterday and today I’ve started to get bad freezes on this forum with my Firefox. Latest standard stable build, 54.0.1. I mean the whole browser stops responding, I’ve had to manually close the process - and when doing that I’ve also noticed somekind of memory leak happening as it kept eating more and more RAM, went from about 400Mb to 1,000Mb in half a minute.

I’ve whitelisted everything on my security & privacy extensions, so I doubt those are the issue as they have not updated in the past few days and this problem started pretty much yesterday that I know of and it only applies to this forum - altough I’ve not used any other forums with the same engine so I don’t know if it happens also in other similar platforms.

Edit: Altough I’ve found a possible culprit - it might be the notifications, as just now I got some temporary freezes as I earned the “first like” badge.

(Rain6637) #7

There’s a possibility a Twitch viewer would add to a stream’s viewer count if the forum visitor is logged into their Twitch account. Not sure.

(Nicen Jehr) #8

Thanks guys! Today is the first time I’ve posted things on the new forums. Excellent work, almost everything is intuitive.

The only time I’ve got lost was looking for where to post suggestions. When I had my first improvement idea I clicked the hamburger menu to look for an appropriate place. Unfortunately the cut off “New Forum Fe…” didn’t register to me. You can probably drop the “New”

(Kathern Aurilen) #9

The mobile site was perfect now I can’t see to type or the top of my messages.
Its was perfect. Added more buttons onto the little menu above the message and now it’s doubled and can’t reach the new added buttons.

when I go into the in read the thread titles are hard to read.