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Unleashing the Voice of New Eden: Why EVE Forums Thrive with Unlimited Characters

By Bob, a passionate pilot and forum lurker.

In the sprawling expanse of New Eden, pilots navigate not just starships, but a sea of information on the EVE forums. Yet, a proposed character limit threatens to silence their voices, constricting the very exchange of knowledge and strategy that fuels our vibrant community. Let us delve deeper into why unlimited characters are not just a luxury, but the lifeblood of meaningful forum interactions:

1. Capturing the Nuance of New Eden:

  • Intricate Market Analyses: Dissecting market trends requires detailed explanations of factors like regional supply chains, historical data analysis, and potential impacts of upcoming events. A 200-character limit forces oversimplification, potentially leading to inaccurate conclusions or missed opportunities for savvy investors. Imagine trying to explain the intricacies of a nullsec resource war’s impact on tritanium prices within a limited format!
  • Epic Battle Reports: The thrill of victory and the sting of defeat deserve detailed chronicles. Imagine trying to capture the strategic maneuvers, heroic sacrifices, and pivotal moments of a large-scale fleet battle within a restrictive character limit. The emotions, lessons learned, and shared experiences that bind our community would be significantly diminished.
  • Technical Discussions: EVE features complex mechanics and ship interactions. Troubleshooting issues, sharing advanced piloting techniques, or discussing balance changes often require in-depth explanations and code snippets. A character limit hinders these crucial discussions, potentially leaving new players struggling and veterans frustrated.

2. Nurturing Diverse Perspectives:

  • Newcomer’s Guides: Comprehensive guides detailing everything from basic ship piloting to intricate industry chains empower new players to thrive in New Eden. Limiting characters could force such guides to be fragmented or incomplete, hindering the onboarding process and potentially discouraging new blood from joining our community.
  • Storytelling and Roleplay: EVE’s rich lore and player-driven narratives deserve room to blossom. Character limits stifle creative expression, potentially silencing captivating stories, elaborate roleplay threads, and the unique voices that enrich our virtual world.
  • Unconventional Strategies: EVE rewards out-of-the-box thinking. Limiting characters could discourage players from sharing innovative tactics, niche ship builds, or unconventional approaches, homogenizing the gameplay experience and stifling the very creativity that defines our community.

3. Fostering Meaningful Discourse:

  • In-Depth Debates: EVE’s controversial balance changes and complex lore spark passionate discussions. Character limits fragment these debates, forcing people to resort to soundbites and slogans rather than nuanced arguments and well-supported opinions. Imagine trying to analyze the philosophical implications of cloning within a restrictive format!
  • Constructive Criticism: Helping each other improve requires detailed feedback. Limiting characters could force reviewers to resort to vague praise or harsh dismissals, hindering learning and growth within the community. Imagine trying to offer detailed feedback on a pilot’s PvP tactics within a 200-character limit!
  • Collaboration and Problem-Solving: Tackling complex challenges often requires shared brainstorming and collective problem-solving. Character limits hinder this process, potentially leaving issues unresolved and opportunities missed. Imagine trying to coordinate a multi-alliance war effort or solve a server-wide bug with limited communication space!

4. Empowering Knowledge Sharing:

  • Comprehensive Tutorials: In-depth tutorials covering complex mechanics like wormhole navigation, capital ship piloting, or advanced industry techniques ensure everyone has the chance to excel. Limiting characters could force creators to omit crucial information, potentially leaving players with gaps in their knowledge and hindering their progress.
  • Detailed Data Analysis: EVE thrives on data-driven insights. Sharing market reports, analyzing historical trends, or presenting complex statistical models often requires detailed explanations and visualizations. Limiting characters could hinder this valuable knowledge sharing, potentially harming individual and collective decision-making.
  • Preserving Community History: Our shared history is valuable. Comprehensive guides, insightful analyses, and epic battle reports deserve to be archived and accessed by future generations. Limiting characters could threaten this historical record, potentially erasing valuable lessons learned and diminishing the sense of community across time.

5. Preserving the Spirit of EVE:

  • Open Communication: EVE’s community thrives on open and honest communication. Character limits risk fostering a culture of brevity over substance, potentially leading to superficial interactions and misunderstandings. Imagine the loss of epic tales, passionate debates, and the nuanced arguments that make EVE forums a unique and engaging space.
  • Creativity and Expression: EVE is more than just a game; it’s a platform for creativity and expression. Limiting characters could stifle artistic expression, humorous posts, and the lighthearted moments that bind our community together. Imagine losing the witty remarks, creative memes, and shared in-jokes that make EVE forums more than just a technical resource.

Too many words for OP. In fact OP should edit his first post to 200 characters

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It is true that many posts I’ve read (and not a few I’ve written…) could have been covered using fewer words.

However, we’re not all great writers; we’re not all able to entertain, inform, engage with and persuade our fellow posters as effectively as we’d like.

In our day-to-day, don’t we meet folks who struggle to put together a grammatically correct sentence (although we know exactly what they mean)? Or perhaps we know someone who, when asked the best way to make a cup of tea, starts with ‘take the cup - or mug - from the kitchen cupboard’ (or draining board/dishwasher)…

Yet we don’t (do we?) turn on our heel and walk away. We let them be themselves, even if we find it irritating.

Be generous, Dchill.

Or maybe ask CCP to charge $0.99 per word posted ($1.50 per Gif/Meme)…

I think ive made a good case for a character limit. Have a nice day

Walls of text are the bane of public discourse

Wesfahrn posts are the bane of public discourse.


I don’t know they seem to be popular but go on

You measure that by the amount of likes they get, yes?

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Proof why we dont need limits on character.

No articulate information is given.

That is proof that not having a character limit does not make people more articulate

A character limit is a tax on nonsense

6% of respondents said they enjoyed long comments and posts so if it was not possible most people would be fine with it. You would expect much more people to enjoy long posts and comments since its the majority of content on here.

28 votes is a VERY small sample size.