Why is Discord the main hub for Vanguard feedback and not here?

Hello, Devs are busy and intelligent so feedback explained in detail is not helpful in most cases. This is likely why they stick to discord where most posts are 500 characters or less.

I would like to advocate for a character limit on these forums because most people are busy and intelligent and don’t have time to disseminate a wall of text from a stranger and in most cases a few sentences is enough to shed light on an issue or share an idea etc.

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Why is Discord the main hub?
Because you have to identify who you are before you can use it, or at least identify based on phone number and/or email.
Here, anyone who signs up for the game and creates an alt can post. That creates a situation where bored lonely arseholes come on here and take advantage of anonymity to harass, insult and belittle others.
That is why the Devs will seldom post on this forum.


Nobody knows why except the devs themselves, but low quality posting is a good guess why. If a post is toxic it gets moderated. The only thing that doesn’t get moderated are low quality posts, so that’s why i think most people don’t come here.

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Discord is capable of keeping things more neat and tidy than here, more ISD and GMs as well as CCP are on the discord because its easier to disseminate info.

I believe they started it after eve echoes. Because discord is the only place to discuss that game, since there is no forum.

It’s against the rules to discuss moderation. Plus, I think my assessment is closer to the fact.

Also, are you saying that all your posts that haven’t been moderated are of low quality?

There is no character limit here. Mods don’t have time to read and moderate the endless walls of text from the same few people none the less. So the forum is dominated by the few who have time to read that. Thats why only 20 ppl are here.

The other argument is that this place is toxic which is a subjective term but ultimately puts the blame on moderators. Is this really what you want to argue. By the way another reason people dont come here is because people make silly arguments just to disagree.

Threads tend to get derailed here tbh.

We be at like post 50-60+ and talking about an entirely different thing vs just answering op’s question :joy:

Imagine if you had to ask for permission to post more than 500 characters in a post but you weren’t asking the moderators you were asking the readers.

If enough readers approved :+1: you were allowed to post more than 500 characters in that post.

That would be a fun experiment :slight_smile:

This user wants to make a post beyond the character limit, do you approve?

This post is above the character limit, do you wish to see it?

I will walk myself out

Who exactly are these people you speak of all the time? You and a buddy don’t constitute a crowd.


Discord has much more than a 500 character limit.

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Most posts on discord are much less which is why its appealing

Cause its more like instant chat

What is instant chat? Lets have instant forum?

The developers will have their reasons why they want Discord as the main channel for Vanguarg.

That should say it all and close this post.

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