(Odinegras) #1

Get rid of stuff that wobbles
Reduce font size on mobiles
Eta - on mobile, atleast mine anyway the proportions are all wrong.

(Odinegras) #2

Better quick reply too…

(CCP Falcon) #3

Can you be more specific about what exactly is wobbling?

(Steven Hackett) #4

Not sure what to say…
Looks like something made in the 90s on one of those free webpage spaces.

If I were in management, I would prob go: ‘No, this isn’t it at all. Make it more… psssshhhh’ and then just walk away…
Then maybe move some of the Devs to work on some VR stuff and then scrap the entire idea…

(Odinegras) #5

The pop up message telling me the minimum number of characters is 20.

(CCP Falcon) #6

Yep, that’s a thing that’s there to prevent people from spamming crap.

We may end up reducing the count to less characters :slight_smile:

(Odinegras) #7

Atleast stop it wobbling

(FlexiusVII) #8

Topic-progress element’s purpose is questionable. Everyones kinda used to progress bars.
Responsive elements are subject to drastic changes in their positions. Just play around with your browser’s width.
Quick-reply with preview open causes weird behaivor on bb-codes block. Some elements are repositioned into second row, but d-editor-button-bar’s height is fixed.

(CCP Falcon) #9

hmmm, i just noticed the wobbling, never really caught my attention before :stuck_out_tongue:

Then again, I usually longpost rather than shortpost.

(Rhivre) #10

No Market Discussion Forum?

(Ed Silver) #11

----deleted---------------------complete sentence :rage:

(CCP Avalon) #12

Are you referring to the wobbling on the “At least 20 characters” notification?

(Odinegras) #13

I refer the learned gentleman to post no… Erm post seem to lack numbers.

Feedback - add post numbers

(CCP Avalon) #14

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(CCP Avalon) #15

I see what you mean, some of this functionality is default for Discourse, other we may be able to improve. :slight_smile:

Could you please provide us with an example? Or a screenshot?

(CCP Falcon) #16

The forum does allow you to post images, but you need to contribute first by reading a given number of topics and replying a given number of times.

It’s an anti-spam measure :slight_smile:

(CCP Avalon) #18

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(FlexiusVII) #21

Sure. - manually changed element’s fixed height to show what’s hidden (you can see top of the second row’s items in some cases)

add: well, I see its all depending on user agent. Preview won’t show up if you tell the site you’re mobile user.

add: How about “back to top” butan? Either on the edges, or somewhere around topic-progress. If there is one already, I didn’t see it.