China imposes video game curfew for minors, other restrictions

Wonder if these things will affect Pearl Abyss / ccp / eve?

Wow, that sounds pretty distopian. Not sure if I believe it though. Could just be the usual be anti-China propaganda.

Former HK resident. Vast majority of that ‘propaganda’ is true. I mean, you’re free to not believe me because this is the internet, but I’m willing to bet there are plenty of other people here who can validate that these are legitimate ways the mainland government operates.

Former Japanese resident who had Chinese assassins come to my house to try and rob me. I can verify that these “propaganda” stuff are true, but dont mean anything.

Everything and anything in China is up for sale, including human rights. Internet Cafes will pay off police to look the other way and have children play video games, so this ban will be meaningless in the end. Police dont give a cr@p about the rules and laws.

Well, except for the rare days and occasions where something special is happening, like an official who visits the city, then suddenly the police will crack down. And they will occasionally do raids to make it appear as though they are doing their job. But otherwise, its meaningless.

People who play on our server are using VPNs to skirt the law and access overseas content anyways. Do you think they will bother following this law?

Winnie the Pooh will hunt down everyone who breaks this law? :thinking: :teddy_bear:

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In a country you go missing for saying anything about the government. I believe it!

China already went Full Dystopia,
people just haven’t caught up with realising it.

People also haven’t caught up realizing that what the press writes is made up ■■■■■■■■ most of the time without any actual investigation or fact checking at all.

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That too!

Are you trying to tell me that their Social Score system isn’t actually a thing?

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No, I just tell you that I don’t believe the stuff the press writes. Some of it may be true, but some of it is probably vastly exaggerated.

The question is what’s worse, to be misinformed and think you know something or to be ignorant but aware of it?

Ah, yeah, that’s definitely true. It’s always true.

I don’t think the question “which is worse” is useful.
No need to waste time on thinking about which might be worse.

Both are worse.

Isn’t it funny that CCP doesn’t mind turning a blind eye these folks join in even though it’s against the law in their own country, simply for the revenue? I would think that they would discourage illegal activities like this, especially since they subscribe to silly laws regulating “hate speech” and so forth. The Chinese gamers that join the server are here for one reason, earning isk that can be converted for rmt.
In my region they are like a horde of locusts that never interact with anyone and mindlessly farm level 4 missions absolutely ignorant of anything besides a small set of parameters involving the specific mechanics of completing the missions. I envision warehouses filled with people who are forced to point and click all day for their masters, but hey it boosts the log in numbers.
In before the lock for political discussion, or literally any discussion about the oppression of the people of this communist dictatorship.
It’s all about the money.

This is all over the world, a middle east cop told me that drugs, drinking and prostitution goes on there as much as anywhere “it’s just done behind closed doors” to my surprise as I was thinking that the “zealots” had it under control.

I mean I get 4 or maybe 3 hours a day. but just 1.5? that’s beyond regulation. that’s constriction.

Dont worry, soon government and police will have eyes everywhere. In every room, in every smartphone. Then they will start punishing and rewarding for each action in life, until they have reeducated all those who needed to be reeducated. In Vocational Education and Training Centers or by restricting access to Internet or something someone like to watch on TV. For good citizens there wil be rewards like better insurance policy, and other privilages useful in daily life, first class tickets for half a price or even better school or hospital, discounts on energy bills, rent things without deposits, and better interest rates at banks.

A 32-year-old entrepreneur, who only gave his name as Chen, told Foreign Policy: "I feel like in the past six months, people’s behaviour has gotten better and better.

"For example, when we drive, now we always stop in front of crosswalks. If you don’t stop, you will lose your points.

“At first, we just worried about losing points, but now we got used to it.”

Its good to be a better citizen, facts, and actually other profit off it too, when there is less car accidents for example. :stuck_out_tongue:

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