Citizen Venture Query

So while going through the markets in Jita in my alt I noticed that there is a ship called “Citizen Venture” that has no orders. Is it a new ship CCP is going to release soon™?

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Not sure but i also noticed ‘citizen’ on the overview settings under ships tab…

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It may be unrelated, but there was a kerfuffle a while back about Star Citizen releasing a Venture look-alike.

EVE - Star Citizens Fans Trade Barbs

Some people thought it was a blatant ripoff, other people thought it was a funny shout-out to the grand old dame of space MMOs.

So ‘Citizen Venture’ may have been some sort of response to this.

(Not based on any information I have about it, just guessing based on the name.)


If it is a reference to that it must cost 3500 :credit_card: PLEX to buy it. :wink:


i very highly doubt it.

But i’d like to think that it is a part of NPE re-balance pass - so that you dont get completed hulls for simple career missions but some cheapened/weaker variants of them instead: “Citizen” or “Civilian” that cannot be insured, sold or reprocessed.

Probably a bit more than that, RSI are selling it for $120.

Oh and there would be an indefinite wait time for it to arrive in a hangar.

That would be hilarious.

Said it before, saying it again, people who give money to RSI should take a hit on their credit score.

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