Clear Skies stream with series creator!

Check out this news item about our event this Sunday and tune into the CCP Twitch channel from 19:30 for a Clear Skies movie marathon with live commentary from the series creator Ian Chisholm!

Just a reminder that DST comes into effect for many parts of Europe at 1am on Sunday. EVE time is always UTC+0 so don’t get caught out!


:red_circle: And you know what you could have done? Exactly! Advertise this ingame on the billboards and station screens.


It’s on the launcher, but yeah would be good if this information was on the billboards

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First time watching it even thou I started in 2007 no Idea how I missed it thanks for sharing! It is fantastic.

Great Idea


I guess the advertisements for glasses just kept getting in the way of real information.

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its funny as you say that, I see the glasses advert haha, wait does this have it on repeat 24 7 wtf…


Probably because some guy in a shiny suit paid 30 million ISK…

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Thanks for organizing this, CCP. Great to have a few distractions during the you-know-what outbreak. It was fun to see the chat explode a few times too.
And of course, thanks to Ian Chisholm and friends for their amazing job. Looking forward to CS4.


Thanks to all those who showed up - and I do mean ALL. There was over 1,000 people watching the stream for pretty much the entire duration. Absolutely mind blowing.

We’ve got more ideas for content like this to bring us together and provide a pleasant distraction from being stuck indoors all day. Keep an eye out for more news soon!


Thanks for hosting this, it was really cool. I didn’t view it on twitch but I did view the broadcast you linked on twitter. The commentary between each segment was great and watching the entire series again with the old graphics was definitely a walk down memory lane.

And wow, that teaser for Clear Skies 4… Hope it get’s released asap, maybe CCP could help speed things up with that?

Sounds great, looking forward to it.

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