🔴 Clear Vision contest

Why is this not done on the forums? I have no twitter, I have no facebook, I will never have twitter and I will never have facebook.


Because it isn’t a contest - it is a publicity stunt.


I swear I was going to post a rant about this as well (and even put a [RANT] tag in front of the title), but you beat me to it.


CCP, we feed you. Show some respect for us in return, and use your own god-damn official forums.


Suggests, if you really want to get Pearl Abyss CCP attention - go to twitter…!

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The bitterest of ironies.

Are THESE the official forums? Because I almost never see anybody from CCP posting here. Even the ISD are volunteers from the player base, not really CCP at all. Even the CSM members avoid these forums.


No this is where low effort posters and expert trolls are held captive. The real forums are on reddit.


Which system has uranus in it?

I want to snapshot it to see if I can get it wrinkle free

I also do not have Facebook or twitter accounts but given the purpose of this is actually to generate twitter and Facebook traffic I doubt that participation will be expanded.

Traffic? not if those domains are blocked at the DNS :smiley:

Honestly who tf uses Facebook to follow game companies? Does CCP post Minion memes?

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Clear vision, bringing wrinkle free gaming to an aging dying game.

I was going to ram a battleship into the Clear Vision billboard and take a picture of that, but if my participation isnt required, then :stuck_out_tongue: to you, CCP

Twitter: How to put every stupid thing you ever said in writing and publish it for the world to see
Facebook: How to give away your privacy and pictures to the whole world


Eve: How to waste your life away and get nothing at the end of it

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You always end up with nothing, regardless of what you do with your life.


Which one are you?


Social media is intrusive and demanding. If I wanted that, I’d get into a relationship, at least the sex would be better. EVE keeps my brain from calcification, and provides hours of immersive distraction.

My late wife had a facebook account, which is still active. I check in on it occasionally, amazed at the compulsive behavior of her former friends and relatives. I would have never believed how insecure and exhibitionist so many people seem to be.

Privacy is the currency of the future, mark my words. And tattoos? Don’t get me started…


and add to that you must have enough money to be able to afford a system that can run the highest graphical settings at the highest resolution

so anyone who is not rich and/or supported by the bank of mommy and daddy need not apply