Cloak changes

If we used the same logic we should remove citadels as they are spammed everywhere and destroying a citadel through all the timers, etc is much harder than dealing with an AFK cloaky. “Docking has no counterplay”.

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Oh God, yes please!

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The solution could be anything from removing local again, to a decloak pulse.

I’m just worried that CCP think the DBS will save them if things get too farmer friendly.

If it has to be deployed, it may simply be easier to counter the counter.

I’m training five characters to be able to use cynos just so I can go be part of the “problem” before it’s to late.
I will log all of me in just after downtime and then leave, go into town to one of the many bars and punish my liver for being kinda gross untill it’s time to go home and pass out till down time rolls around again.
Hell yes!
This is my new play style!
Once I’ve been doing it for a while I will tell everyone who isn’t doing it that they are playing Eve wrong and that what I’m doing is the only thing it was intended for in the first place.
Finaly I have a goal! How long till it’s taken away?

Not just citadels, all NPC stations too. That would cause an uproar…

I now wonder if we will get counterplay to being docked. Because at any one moment someone can undock and spread mayhem.

Yeah, docking is OP. You can’t see who is docked where, you can’t engage docked people, you never know when they will undock. You know they are there. A constant threat.

The fact that the dev is deluded and made the no counter remark is a really bad sign.

It reminds me of the ECM nerf where they made the target able to target back and justified it saying there was no counter when in fact there are multiple counters.

Ignorance is really dangerous.

Oldest trick in the book, right under bring in an alt(s) to kill pesky blues.

Remember: ECM nerf was officially because “it feels bad to get jammed”

I dont think anyone even reads the copy anymore.

Too busy writing more hyperbole about “awesome” and “amazing” expansions. Like Trigs…

I wouldn’t compare a change which affected a lot of active players positively with a potential change only relevant for AFK ratters and bots.

“As a victim, watching your ship die while jammed without anything you can do about it feels bad.”

To me the key was always the phrase “without anything you can do about it” because it represents a scary lack of game knowledge.

Anyway we are OT :slight_smile:

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“As a victim” I think was where I lost it.

Yeah sorry am OT, now back to your regularly scheduled posts.

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It would not have been so bad if jam boats got something from this. I came back to this going wth??? Something was taken. Fair enough. What was given for consolation? Not much it seems.

Why I wait for a good price to sell my widow, the t2 scorpion. Same lack of good things, higher price tag. Yum. Or break even. It was chosen over others for ecm long ago. Now…yeah…if I need a blops I will Sin or panther it Already have those BS 5’s.

This works. You’d be surprised how long some people can take to realize you aren’t a cloaky.

You are actually someone cleaning out clones, hopping in that station from 2 years ago that let your clone stay.

Fun local chat that was. I’d have been put out about it but they paid some good isk for the goodies I sold off before I hopped on the pod express.

If they had been nicer they could have got the free kill to add to the board. Cleared the pod from station and off’d myself.

Hopefully the change to cloaks will be a 50m3 decrease in volume, or a 10 second decrease in how long it takes to recloak LOL.

Leave cloaking alone and HTFU is all I have to say.