Cloaky Camping and the wrong direction

It is easier then ever for NPSI and hunter groups since the last patch.

  1. Rorqual nerf to survivability and yield.
  2. Carrier nerf to safety and removed ability to apply meaningful damage to subcaps
  3. Fax nerf, haven’t really seen the effects of this in a meaningful battle yet but seem less effective so far in saving well, anything.
  4. Triglavian ships, extreme power, limited supply, Super, Fax and Rorq Killers. Spider Tank, Insane DPS. Able to sig/speed tank Supers/Carriers, Dreads can just move away from. out maneuver, out tank, out dps subcaps.
  5. Cloaky camping killing activity in smaller alliances, larger alliances unable to protect fields.

Cloaky campers can enter any system with little risk even if being actively defended. Before patch a force of carriers and faxes could drop with in a few minutes to save a Rorqual. Now carriers can be ignored while enemy fleet kills Rorquals and faxes and carriers if not evacuated in time. So the Rorqual has less time to be saved however you must now form a substantial subcap fleet, with a rage ping, to fight a force that has taken all the time they needed to get their fleet comp together and they get to choose when to attack.

There needs to be a healthy balance between PvE and PvP play styles. However seems like we are just swinging a bat blindfolded going to far in ether direction. Whoever is behind the wheel had a few too many drinks.

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