lowest ill go is 3.2


wallet balance: 3.2m
no kill rights
no implants of any mention
Character is in Jita in Navy assembly’ore

@Lucifer_L_ore 3b.

positive wallet
no kill rights
no implants
Character is in High-sec

@Adolf_Dreath 4b

Located in Jita
No clones
Positive wallet balance
+3 implants except social
No kill rights, clean combat log
No standings to speak of

@Antoine_Rieux 3b

offer? :wink:

@Tallix_Tivianne 4b

@MAK4 4.5B would be fine for me. Will transfer asap.

Thanks for the offer. Would you do 3,5b? I’ve seen characters with a bit less SP go for as much as 4b, so was hoping to get a bit more than 3b unless there’s an obvious drawback with this one. :slight_smile:

(Replied to the wrong comment first and deleted my post, not used to this new forum!)

@Antoine_Rieux @Tallix_Tivianne guys i dont mind paying 4 or even 5 bill for low sp toon, but both toons dont have cybernetics 5 or implants, to repurpose them will cost me extra, for this reason i have given lower valued offers. I hope you can understand this.

Fair enough. If you’re interested, I’m happy with 3b. Let me know.

Hey there! Looking to get an offer on
Just getting back into the game and wanting to start fresh with some friends. Cheers!

@Antoine_Rieux ok will send isk and account info in a few hours.

@Drakken_Yotosala can offer 36b

Cool, cool. I might not be online to initiate the transfer immediately, but I’ll be on later today/evening (EU time) in case you don’t hear back from me for a couple of hours.’s_slave

How much for this character

@nex_supervos 25b

seems a bit low? for a char that can fly carrier and do production

can I ask what you basing your valuation on?