current extraction price my friend, some people will offer you slightly less than this as they want to turn a profit on the extractions. but if you was to extract the toon today you would get approx 25b +/- few hundred mill isk. you can make a WTS ad, you may be able to find some one who is willing to pay you extra for it as they need the toon for what its trained for but most people will only offer you extraction value or less.

ah okay makes sense thanks for that

@Antoine_Rieux isk and account info sent thanks

Thanks for the trade! Transfer paid and initiated!


@MAK4 how much for Nex?

@nex_supervos 97b

@mak4 Ill accept the offer,
Nex is now is NPC corp and located in Kisogo with positive wallet

isk and account info sent, thanks

i confirm I got the isk, I have sent the character please confirm you got it Thanks

confirming character transfer received :+1:

pass 12345

@Kaela_Willsnot 17b and 39.5b

Is there a reason it needs to be over 5m skill points?

Because I have this Hulk pilot Iā€™m considering selling:

@Nivia_Naari the minimum a 5m toon sells for is around 3.5b and up to 5b, so if you consider the transfer cost, it works out to be a better deal than buying plex from ccp, but if you are trying to sell a 3m toon, you wont get much value for it, so you probably better off buying plex than waste money on tranfer fee for a character that has very low sp.

You could make a wts listing in character bazaar and wait it out if your not in any hurry, im sure some one will come along and offer you decent isk if they need a hulk pilot.

Give it a try, 3b starting price for mining toon :wink:

I see! Good point, I never considered those cost at all.

Thanks for clarifying

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How much for this pilot?

@Theminers_Deninard password?
@Shango_Orishas 10b

I could do 12 bil if you are interested.