I can offer you 10.5b at most, it will cost me extra isk to repurpose him.

@Arngorf 51b

already have that bid thank you :slight_smile:

@MAK4 pass 132

@Theminers_Deninard 36b


Yes i can still buy, can you wait 4 hours? I need to get home then i will do transfer. Please confirm if you can wait as i see you have posted to other buyers also.

sry got another offer. thanks anyway

No problem :+1: offer please pass lexx


@Kione_Potensdux 7b

I’ll probably take that offer, just need to finish liquidating the assets of this character. Will reply when thats done.

Cool, i will send isk when i get home, around 3pm eve time. Also you need to reply on here with the toon your selling

Replying with toon I am selling :slight_smile: . Also, just waiting on PushX to deliver my stuff, after that is done, and isk is received I will initiate the transfer

Got a couple I would like to know what they are worth to you.

Ty :slight_smile:

@Jaison_Savrin 22.5b
@Rita_Hanomaa 5b

How much for this Freighter Trader?

@Yuhuang_Dadi 4b