And the fitting tool isn’t even in OVERHEAT! This game is rigged for the gankers.

do you even have in mind that EHP not the same as HP ?


The damage you have taken is after resistances have been applied. So if the enemy hits you with a 1000 damage missile but you have 50% resistance, you will take only 500. They will need to do 2000 damage to actually remove 1000 from you. In your case they would have to throw 95.902 damage on your ship which results in 29.011 damage actually taken after your resists have been counted in. At which point the ship explodes.

Math is your friend.


Can’t check what really happened as you covered it up and can’t find it (easily) on Zkill.

A few things:

  • that number assumes all resists are working including Bastion, which might not be a given
  • the EHP given in the fitting window doesn’t say much as it assumes average resists but there’s a high chance you weren’t hit by averaged out damage types, you were probably hit in your resist hole.
  • what Syzygium said

What on sweet Earth Lord in heaven Jesus is that golem fit.

You needed more HIT POINTS and HIT POINTS (aka shield, armor, hull) are critical to a good tank fit. By balancing your hit points with resists, you achieve a good tanky fit vs gankers.

Too many hit points is useless w/o resists

Too much resists is useless w/o the hit points.

Hope you now learned how to actually fit a golem to tank stuff. I don’t know why it costed 2 billion to learn this EVE 101 fact but here we are.

OP makes me want to suspect credit card warrior + trolling OR clueless 10+ year old vet who never PVPed in their life.

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There’s a very good reason why I posted that EHP fit in an earlier thread that made some sweaty tryhards rage in pain. Because I understand that most people aren’t sweaty tryhards and need all the help (ehp) they can get.


It can be found on ZKill easily given the information in screenshot. If only it would be there.

Supposedly ganked Golem by some gankers who don’t post the kills to zkill? That doesn’t seem real…

We’re looking at a verified Zkill screenshot, albeit a doctored one. The info is very obviously doctored, possibly more. I did a quit check but didn’t (easily) find a loss with that same fit so it probably happened a while ago (and I cba to look that far back).

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How on earth are you managing a mere 95K EHP when I can fit those same 3 slots ( that you are using for shield tank ) with one shield extender and two multispectrum shield hardeners and get 137K EHP and three resists in the 80s percent.

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Well name is fake, time is fake. Possibly even the damage is fake. It is not likely he staged even fit, so okay someone probably lost a fit like this. Still it is just some random kill from god knows when heavily editted to fit his narrative.

I have a Condor that can do twice the 86.6 DPS of your Golem. Your alleged fitting just doesn’t look right. With 4 Cruise Missile launchers all fitted ( hence the white dots at the top )…how are you not getting any DPS for the launchers ? Who takes a screen shot of their fitting showing only the drone damage ?

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The launchers are disabled in the fitting window, what you’re seeing is drone dps.

The launchers are offline in the simulation. The dps shown are only for the drones.

Well, yes, but why ? Seems a bit odd to record one’s fitting and leave out the largest component of DPS and Alpha shot.

How does my DPS matter? Shouldn’t a ship be able to take at least the ehp listed in the fitting window. Espesially with the repper running in O/H? The math doesn’t add up.

OP you forget 1 thing.

ALL YOUR TANK IS USELESS if you don’t turn on the modules.

GANKS happen in SPLIT SECONDS. So, you gotta be alert. It’s how I lost my crane via a tornado gank because I had ACTIVE tank. I was deleted before I even turned on my modules.

This is why having a large buffer of shield hit points is beneficial vs just pumping up resists.
It really comes down to your reaction skills and fit to survive a gank especially in a marauder.

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Because I was wondering why you took a screen shot of the Golem showing ONLY modules active for the EHP…when the EHP would have been exactly the same with all the other modules active.

Your ship did. You are confusing two separate things. Killboard shows the total amount of damage your ship actually tookafter the resists had done their thing. In other words, the resists did resist most of the incoming DPS…but that does not count as ‘damage’ to your ship. Your ship does not have 95K of hit points…it has 29K of hit points plus a lot of resistance to damage to those hit points. Basically your resists where overwhelmed.

Plus you haven’t answered my earlier point about how you could have had 137K EHP rather than 95K EHP using the same number of slots. Or is that 95K because you ran out of CPU and decided other stuff was more important than tank.

Haha just saw that one. :rofl:

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hp = raw hit points with 0% resists, fit a polarized weapon on the hull check it out
ehp = hp multiplied by the resistances

If you add a polarized torpedo launcher on a Golem it will have 29000 ehp since the resistances go to 0%

Golem with resistances = 29000 hp + (29000 hp * resistance_avegerage)

Let’s imagine you have an average of 65.5% resists:
29000 + (29000 * 1,655) = 95990 ehp

If this golem takes an alpha damage of 10000 then it will be applied only 3445 dmg on the raw ehp… leave base 25555 hp :sunglasses: or 84587 ehp. This also explains why someone can get melted if neuted and the active resistances shutdown on you, it is because the total ehp will drop and get closer to that 29000

edit: i will not fix any mathematical mistake, the logic here is correct :stuck_out_tongue: got other things to do