This is why I got more parial to max resists skills and better passive resists. Offsets cap use as well for added bonuses.

Even my travel ships like ceptors would get passives. If the smartie camp is not the best setup…any chance to clear is still a chance.

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I dont know why youre still so salty about that discussion.

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its still a shitfit … yes you can run with it but you have 7 tank mods / rigs on your fit + bastion and waste so much space for your tank … you didnt even have much space for application boni

if he got ganked its not the fault of his fit cause after many looks it seems to be a fake post … if he got ganked he was just to lazy to realized hes getting ganked in a few seconds so he never saw any signs before the gank acutaly happens

but we dont need to reopen this discussion again !

btw … if i didnt do any mistake then even the resists are fake … i took the best EM and Thermal Hardener and didnt reach his resistance ! and i just used mods which effects the EHP


People have already given you the answer at least 3 times. Before giving it to you a 4th time, can you let us know whether:

  • You didn’t read it any of the 3 times
  • You don’t understand it after 3 explanations

That will help everyone identify the problem.


It is @Codename_Razorback 's loss. Is it really a surprise to discover @Prometheus_XRay is his alt :roll_eyes:


The hilarity is real.

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I’m not. It’s just that was also about a golem and the person I replied to was talking about EHP which was the point there.

Lower skill levels and/or lack of practical experience? :thinking: (Just putting it out there…)

Explains a lot

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Just sweet Jesus of a golem fit.

You DO NOT need specific resistance active multispecs. :joy: Just onmi tank your fit. Only smaller/niche ships use those modules.

  • Sensor booster is useless anyways and should been replaced with a missile comp.
  • You don’t need a DCU on a lv 4 mission golem.
  • Webs don’t really work well with missiles. The frigates orbit at only 200m/s anyways if that.
  • Why bling the booster especially if it’s a large? I can achieve what that booster does via abyssal mutaplasmid and tank just like that 500mil module can on my golem.

That golem deserved to die. Good on those gankers.

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Nobody I know fits PvE golem with passive tank. It have active tank bonus.

The passive tank would work against gankers, but people dont do that usually, as they think gankers are not after them, or they dont know about them yet.

My bad I should have specified that was in the context of fitting for a gank. Still a good fitting rule regardless of the situation.

You are quite correct obviously. :+1:

OP was going through a gank pipe tho. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Ah, and I have to add, that passive tank works to a degree, if someone really wants to prove a point, there is enough tornados and catalysts in Jita to gank everything. They gank orcas, jump freighters, everything, and they dont really care about ISK at that point, as they have more than they really dreamed of.

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It is, when you consider that someone like myself, who has never flown or fitted a Golem, was able to come up with this in 5 minutes. It’s an extra 400m ISK…but almost double the EHP…and without adjusting any of the main fittings, just the 3 used for tank and removed one of the ballistic mods…

Switched to…

Republic Fleet Large Shield Extender
Pithium Type B Multispectrum Shield Hardener ( two of )
Replaced one of the Ballistics with Power Diagnostics II

I could save a few hundred million ISK, and still have 163K EHP and more hit points by having two shield extenders and only one Shield hardener.

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The current discussion about fits completely misses the point: you travel fit your marauder. Even bring the expensive fittings in a blockade runner in a second trip, or hire RedFrog/etc a small hauling contract to do it for you.

If gankers want to gank a slow Golem hull with tons of Tech 2 shield extenders (2x raw HP bonus) and bulkheads (+5% raw HP bonus w/ high uniform resists), OK.

Can we return to @Codename_Razorback and @Prometheus_XRay 's conspicuous silence?

One doesn’t get to spend years rail against gankers on the forums and then call one’s self “Big Balls McGee” and “Your Mom’s House” while pseudoanonymously asking for help with game fundamentals as it certainly is not the actions of someone feeling mightily confident about one’s self.


It’s relevant insofar as 13 gankers with 700 DPS or so each would have smashed that 95K EHP in under the 14 seconds till Concord arrived. And they did. That same number of gankers probably would not have with the 169K EHP fit. Of course…the gankers would likely just bring more gankers along but that’s harder to set up. I’m simply pointing out that for a few hundred million ISK more he could have had almost double the EHP. Sheesh…I have Gnosis fittings with more EHP than that Golem.

On the contrary. I find that most people who are so extremely stubborn about learning things or adapting to game mechanics (or reality, if even just in a game) tend to be Dunning Kruger enthousiasts.

Nerf SoCT ships please.


It is a little crazy that SoCT ships can be fitted for better DPS and EHP than many a T2 ship costing 4 or 5 times as much. But one has to actually know this to take full advantage of it…and many don’t. There’s also a cunning little trick with the Praxis where one can get amazing tracking across the full range…but probably even fewer know that :slight_smile:

i´m sure you compare different ship classes …
gnosis vs hac ? yeah, gnosis would be for sure have a dps advantage against some hac and maybe more EHP but you compare Battlecruiser with cruiser. and still a good fittet hac pilot would kill most gnosis.

if you compare a gnosis vs a command ship then the command ship always wins if the command ship pilot isnt a dumbass ^^

and soct ships has some other disadvantege ! for example, they are realy slow