Cnt play eve..need some help boiis


few days ago i resubed my acounts
i was off due to exams…
after i resubed…i got both my toons a starter pack…couse 1mil sp :))

few hrs into the game i started to expiriance lags and crushes…
wrote a ticket about it…and hoped for the best…
well best ddnt come…but worst did…
crushes n lags all over…
i was told by a GM to DL a tool and snd them the result
i did that …about 3 days ago and still no word about it from ccp
i asked to freez/pause my omega time till this will get figured
couse i cnt really play
but the GM got ther way i guess
so after losing a tengu(my eve so broken that the lost dsnt shown in ZKILL)
after resubing and getting 1mil sp…(that i lost some for losing a t3c… yay)
i still cnt play
pictures been snt to ccp
a video clip me expiraincing those crushes hase been snt to ccp
but still…nothing from ccp…

any of yall (that dnt want my stuff) have any ideas?


FFS, This isn’t 4chan, or are you incapable of forming sentences?


Have you tried the usual cache clearing and file verifying?


Many people (in. myself) have experienced in game lags as of late. Your situation could be alike ours, or worst depending on your pc/mac settings, andmaybe connection. Give it a fewmore days, GMs live a tough and very busy life, they will make it back to you with the appropriate explanation(s) in time. As for refund, only when you receive feedback can you arrange for such things. I hope this works for you my friend. Peace.

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did evrything mate

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will look in to it…ty

its an online game
we all had our share of dc and lags
but i cnt log both my toons…when ever im loging the secund one
the first one crush…
and i think 3 days after i DL a diagnostic tool and sndd them the result…still no replay
3 days mate…

Ah yep, I found a GM reply about this couple days ago, read here and try what he said: My launcher is not letting me add a 2nd account

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@Solecist_Project let us avoid those minor details of ‘good typos’ for a struggling-to-play member. little things alike that will drive everyone out.

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Well … calling them “good typos” is … ugh … but …

You’re right.

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thanks for all the gestapo spellers…
some of us do speak more than one lang
but dnt let that brake your spirit…!!
you do make a giant contribution helpping me soved that

will try this
ty mate!!

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