CODE. announces February contest (win up to 12 billion isk)

(Xan Staraider) #181

100 Billion isk ship, 1 mil isk ship, empty pod. Every miner is precious in the sight of James.

They all need to know the truth, and the truth will set them free.

(Phoenix Lovel) #182

There’s the problem - trying to solve problems before they actually happen. Blowing up >1b isk Gilas and other stupid fits like that makes sense - it’s EVE, and someone has to be around to wield the weapon of natural selection. Heck I could even get behind blowing up exhumers, retrievers, and covetors - if you’re flying one of those you’d best stay alert(or in the case of the covetor, be mining so much that getting blown up is no big deal). Problem is, blowing up ventures does not teach miners anything - for many, it’s the only ship they can afford as a newbro. Assaulting newbros is where I draw the line - if you put them off from the game before they even get the chance, how in the world will you have something to shoot at that’s actually FUN to shoot at? Yea…no. If CODE REALLY cared about their own new order, they’d stick to blowing up the actually stupid fits. They WOULDN’T be total jerks and just blow up ventures just to spite them.

(Galaxy Pig) #183

Oh, man! Blowing up ventures is the worst thing ever! What kind of monster would do such a thing! Think of the children! Blah!!!1

(Andrew Blades) #184

Did you just compare being an Olympic level athlete to sitting in front of a computer for 6 straight years depriving yourself of vitamin D?

(Solonius Rex) #185

It teaches them that EVE is a PVP game, first and foremost. It teaches them to always stay alert, always be wary of their surroundings.

These are all valuable lessons that need to be taught. Its easy to be told that. Its easy to be told “Hey this is a PVP Game”. But only through loss, does it actually sink in.

Many CODE agents will actually give isk to players who got blown up if they are genuinely new players.

But only to players who are genuinely keen to learn and want to continue playing.

The thing is, this is a game, and youre supposed to have fun. Its all in good fun. If youre salty and swearing and threatening the lives of the ganker, then, sorry, but youre the one whos being toxic and a bad person.

Ive played plenty of games where ive lost due to the incompetance of my allies. I continue to play Dota 2, heavily, and lose constantly because of an idiot who doesnt know how to play. And ill call them out for being a bad player, but ive never threatened their lives or their families lives or wished them cancer or death or anything.

And yes, ventures are given out free in the story missions. So literally, they are freely given out.

(Xan Staraider) #186

Spare the gank, spoil the miner. That’s my motto. Teach them the path when they are young and they will not veer from it.

Plus any ship we destroy is a crappy fit. Period.

Also, who are you to question how we protect New Order space? Everyone knows that James 315 is the dually elected master and commander of all of High Sec.

Praise be His name! \o/

(Aiko Danuja) #187


(Draugr Bennington) #188

It’s not impossible to kill large numbers of CODE ships at a time.

(Solonius Rex) #189

Thats good. Thats really good.

The thing is, with miners, the whole “I wouldve paid you, you shouldve told me/warned me/bumped me/convo’d me/come to my house and wake me up” thing isnt true. They dont, because they wont believe you until you gank them. They think to themselves “Nah, they wont. Why would anyone waste more money and not make a profit by ganking me”.

To a miner who cares only about Isk, he will not part with it unless forced, and he will not understand the motives of someone who is not self-centered about isk.

(Solonius Rex) #190

Its also not impossible to lose an expensive ship to gankers.

(Australian Excellence) #191


You mean whoring on concord killmails?

I’d hope you were saying kill as a joke, but I know you’re just an idiot :rofl:

(Solecist Project) #192

While Dryson’s alt is technically correct, his alt apparently suffers from the same delusions as he does. Going through his killboard shows that he did not kill anyone. All he does was/is whoring on CONCORD killmails.

To legitimately claim that one has destroyed a ship, he should have more than 5% damage done to it. He’s abusing the fact that Big Brother CONCORD won’t hunt him for his lies.

(Xan Staraider) #193

Only 4 days before the competition begins. Stay tuned for important updates!

Praise James! \o/

(Solstice Projekt) #194

You know … before the protection button and suspect state, people went to belts can-flipping new (and old) players not just to look for a fight.

People were mostly looking for recruits. It’s been a part of the culture of EVE for over a decade. Of course there were always those who didn’t like it, but there were also many who were actually excited about the fact that this was actually possible in a video game.

Recruiting by shooting people has been a thing since forever, and it worked really well. Also you need to learn using paragraphs, otherwise you’re just kind of anti-social and look like you’re angrily ranting.

(Nana Skalski) #195


(Kuba Ganowski) #196

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(Tipa Riot) #197

I don‘t have interest in joining a Corp, do I still get something if I kill miners during the contest?

(Xan Staraider) #198

You can kill miners anytime. You don’t have to be a member of the mighty CODE. alliance to be a member of the New Order movement or to enforce the Code!

But to participate in this contest, you do need to be a member of one our fine corporations. If you’re new to ganking then I would recommend our training corp, New Order Logistics.

More can be accomplished when we work together as a team. Hunting skiffs and procs with a large fleet of T1 cats for instance, and orca hunts. Gotta love those orca hunts. Plus we can show miners exactly how effective we are by just pointing them to our alliance killboard…

Praise James!

(Solstice Projekt) #199

I’m not new to ganking, where’d I be put?

(Xan Staraider) #200

It would be an absolute honor sir if you’d join my corp.