CODE. announces February contest (win up to 12 billion isk)

(Galaxy Pig) #162

Yes! More skulls for the Savior’s skull-throne!

Praise James 315! Long may he reign!

(Solstice Projekt) #163

I propose that killing @Knowledgeminer counts double!

(Xan Staraider) #164

Agreed! We’ll need to update the rules!

For the competition:

  • Killing an anti-ganker qualifies as killing a miner for the grand totals.

  • Killing Knowledgeminer qualifies as killing 2 miners. :slight_smile:

  • The player that kills the most number of anti-gankers will receive the “Knowledgeminer Medal for Ganking Anti-Gankers (Cause Knowing is Only Half the Battle)” and 1 billion isk!

(Knowledgeminer) #165

If only everybody in CODE were like this instead of insulting other players for the sole reason that they have fun doing other things in the game…

(Solstice Projekt) #166

I’m not in CODE! (They wouldn’t want me even if i asked! :smiley: )

You jerk!

: - )

(Galaxy Pig) #167

Are you talking about loyal? He also insults his fellow gankers, I think he just insults. I think that’s just how New Zealand society is structured, lots of insults and freighter dunking.

(Xan Staraider) #168

That and they live in little hills and go chasing after wizards and rings and stuff too.

(Galaxy Pig) #169

Ah, yes. True.

(Knowledgeminer) #170

You just have to check a few posts above in this thread to see who I’m referring to and why. If you think that crap is acceptable behaviour, then that’s a problem you and everyone else in CODE have.

I’m not talking about “insults” like the one Solstice Projekt used in his previous post. I’m not thin-skinned like that and the problem is not the insult itself but rather the attitude. You need to read the posts I’m referring to in this thread to understand what I’m talking about…

(Solecist Project) #171

Soyboy hahahahahahaha well deserved. :smiley:
You’re such a wet towel, you don’t even mention him directly.

Can you move on now?

Grow a pair, stop seeing problems outside of your mirror and try killing his ■■■■ instead of being the only … ONLY … guy here who has a problem with The Australian Excellence’s attitude and way he’s wording things.

Also… I like contests.
*picks nose*

(Knowledgeminer) #172

Man, now you did make a fool of yourself too.

So according to you, I’m doing it wrong by answering someone else’s question addressed directly at me, instead of “moving on” (which I had done already) and ignore him instead…

And just because I decided he should make some effort to figure the answer to his question in the very thread he was asking, that makes me a “wet towel”…

But is’s OK, for all I care you may all agree with Australian Excellence and everything he has said here, it’s all I need to know about CODE and everyone else here…

(Aiko Danuja) #173

Calm down knowledgeminer!

We are trying to celebrate the upcoming festival of mining, and you are getting all agitated about His Australian Excellence. An elite PvP warrior such as he is bound to verbally demean you, just like any Marine drill sergeant, Wall Street trade analyst, or linebacker from the south side of Chicago. Why, just the other day, Siegfried Cohenberg ripped into me for being a limp wet towel. Last week, Lewak told me that I’m not just a princess in game, but I’m clearly a princess in real life. It’s what the President of the United States might describe as “locker room talk”. He’s just trying to help you get into the mood for some elite PvP.

In all honesty, have you ever been to low sec? I’ve heard much worse things in local chat, and the entire system would be mocking you, if you tried to white knight them into feeling ashamed of their crass language. Pro tip: when someone calls you a wet towel, that’s your cue to stop talking and start shooting (or you can just agree and sip your warm soy milk, which is what I generally tend to do).

(Solecist Project) #174

See, that’s why you’re a wet towel. You want to argue on the internet. Worse, you complain about someone’s attitude on the internet! I’m sitting here, picking my nose, enjoying the treasures I reveal from the depths of my skull, and you probably think this is gross and disgusting.

*picks nose*

The problem really isn’t words written on the internet.

*examines treasure*

It’s what’s happening with them in your brain.


(Knowledgeminer) #175

There is so much noise and nonsense here that it’s unclear to me whether you already know this is not what I’m talking about and are posting it just for your entertainment, but just in case you don’t, let me tell you it’s not.

And no, regardless of whether you or anyone else can understand what it is that I’m talking about, I’m not going to explain it anymore. It’s your problem if you can’t understand it, or just don’t want to understand it, or do understand it but prefer to go on as if you didn’t…

(Xan Staraider) #176

I spewed my soy milk all over my keyboard! Jeez that was funny.

Knowledgeminer you can’t tango with these guys. They are as skilled in the forums as they are with catalysts. Stop being a fanboi and join in the fun. Put that knowledge to good use!

(Phoenix Lovel) #177

Yea “Elite” PvP. Says the dweeb who hangs out in hisec shooting at defenseless ships all day. There’s nothing wrong with not wanting to PvP but gunning down 100 ventures and pretending it’s an “honorable pursuit” is only pretending that your form of play is better than any other. TBH I don’t buy your “new order” for one second. It is effectively a shitty excuse to shoot ventures in hisec, and for what? A venture is a defenseless ship that is to be fair a decent mining vessel, but isn’t worth much and can’t really defend itself from anything more than a few belt rats. Unless it’s a deep core refit in nullsec or a huffer in a wormhole I don’t see the point in shooting them.

(Aiko Danuja) #178

Let’s just dispense right now with this blatantly untrue claim that CODE. only shoots at ships that can’t shoot back. Our killboard is filled with blingy Gilas, scary wormhole battlecruisers, mining battleships, and cloaky strategic deep space interdiction assault command freighters. It is not our fault that our enemies are so STUPID that they can’t figure out how to fight. Those ships are not defenseless. The problem is the idiot in the capsule.

Now then, why do we shoot Ventures? So they don’t grow up to be 330 billion isk fireballs that someone might actually have a legitimate reason to cry about! James loves the miners, and He knows that the bad ones need to die, so the strong can survive. As agents, we tend to His flock, culling the herd and euthanizing the sick.

(Solstice Projekt) #179

It’s 2019, but I think you probably shouldn’t be using that word, because of Godwin.

(Kuba Ganowski) #180

Walk with me, step to the South Side

(Xan Staraider) #181

100 Billion isk ship, 1 mil isk ship, empty pod. Every miner is precious in the sight of James.

They all need to know the truth, and the truth will set them free.