CODE. announces February contest (win up to 12 billion isk)

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No, don’t put words in my mouth. [quote=“Dracvlad, post:260, topic:133811”]
Boredom and a lack of real targets are what is going to end this, which I realised and am now seeing, which is a good thing. To be blunt if people tried to oppose Australian Excellence he would most probably not be bored, but there is no value in it.

So answer me this, why would I spend a huge amount of ISK, put a huge amount of effort in and spend my time waiting on gankers to save some idiots freighter which is made so easy by idiotic bumping mechanics? When I know that boredom and a lack of decent targets will do it eventually.

It’s easy to see that traffic isn’t the same as it was 2 years ago. I believe we’ve reached an equilibrium between overfishing, player stagnation, and being informed.

It’s as big of a waste of time to the ganker as it is the the guy trying to white knight, but both provide counter-play when done properly and that’s my point.

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No they don’t, why would I do this, why would I as a competent player invest time and effort in a competition that will make me incompetent due to its stupid imbalances. I have always known how to do it, the questions is why would I?

I realised it would collapse at some point, and I told people it was lame gameplay that was not worth opposing, in fact as I have pointed out in another thread they got the competition they deserved, Concord whores… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Where do the imbalances lie? Do you not perceive it as being impossible to enter this arena at a bare minimum level and scoop the gankers loot? I understand that today is a different time and less ganks are happening for the reasons discussed, but that hasn’t always been the case. Historically when ganking was at its most active, you see AG under-performing in the same way as they always have. It’s the equivalent to showing up to work reliably, but you aren’t prepared with any of the materials you need. It’s more of a social event for AG.

There have always been those just whoring on CONCORD killmails. What I’m talking about is a profitable and worthwhile venture to the player that puts in the effort and does it well. You discredit those such as Rhamnoisa Nosferatu that were once the bane of Miniluv and a personal thorn in my ass.

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I have pointed out the imbalances so many times, I am not doing it again.

It was a social event, just to wave the flag and make it cost more. The freighter gankers got the competition that they deserved.

You ask why not scoop the loot rather than the gankers, well ask the question to yourself, why aren’t you doing it? I know why I was not doing it!

I remember that player, and what was that player doing? I know, but it would be better coming from you.

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Yeah your biggest grievance is bumping. Instead of complaining about stopping bumping, why not let it happen and interfere at another point? That’s a thought!

I typically have around an hour to play, so I don’t spend it trying to follow around gankers. We are though, talking about players that dedicate hours of the gameplay to crowing after gankers. They already put the time in.

Mostly popped wrecks, brought logi, and counter-bumped. Last I spoke to him he had grown tired of AGs incompetence and joined PH to go to Null.

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Dracvlad has revealed his strategy to win EVE - a grinding war of attrition, to see who becomes the most bored.

In one corner, we have the elite PVPers, who reign undefeated. In the other corner, we have the phantom of Dracvlad, haunting the forums without any impact upon the game. Will the PvPers simply tire of relentless victory? Will Dracvlad finally decide to do something? Stay tuned to the forums for the latest breaking news!

Whoever is AFK at the end, they will be the ultimate victor!

THIS JUST IN: Dryson Bennington has promised to pipebomb the gankers out of existence! Initial reports indicate that nothing else has happened.

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I have already explained why.

That is not the answer, all you need to do is have an alt in the AG intel channel and you can go for it. There are other reasons, you are a very good player, I am sure you will get it.

No, he was very good at popping them on gates on the way to ganks.

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I already answered that, you did make me laugh though.

PS I am the butterfly effect…

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If a butterfly flaps its wings, and is incinerated by a neutron blaster, who wins?

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The butterfly.

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It is the answer. I value my time so I do something that I find enjoyable and worth my time. The comparison between me and obsessive AG are silly because they are spending hours at the computer trying to accomplish… waving a flag. They have half-committed their time to do something, and to do it poorly.

A good example is the past 2 nights I’ve spent about an hour or so ganking on the Amarr undock. There’s this little frigate that orbits me while yellowboxing me, waiting for me to shoot so he can whore on CONCORDS killmail. Why? I find it strange that this person who is specifically in a wormhole alliance has a killboard that consists mostly of whoring on CONCORD killmails in highsec. He did this for an hour last night before I finally shot my first volley and went criminal. Maybe tonight I will engage in a conversation with him to find his motives… what drives him.

A secondary reason is that I share a mutual respect and likeness with all of the players involved with freighter ganking. I accomplish what I want without intervention from them and they get the same from me…

I find profit and enjoyment in both… im territorial so when other gankers that I don’t know or don’t like are around me, I’ve been stealing their loot… bumping their scoop.

I never saw or experienced that, but I don’t doubt it. Back then that was a lot of the strategy for AG. Popping wrecks is what he was most effective at though as he alone nearly crippled Miniluv with his Thrasher alt.

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I was talking to a gate ganker tonight, who got ganked by another gate ganker. I said: “There is honor and friendship amongst all gankers, who agree to never gank a ganking ganker, unless they are trying to gank upon your ganking gate.”

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How much ganking could a ganker ganking gankers gank if the ganker ganked gankers all day?

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Not much, cuz at that point they’d just be AG, and wow AG is failing SO hard right now.

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No it is not the answer. As I said you get the opposition you deserve, it is lame uninteresting play and they are obviously getting some enjoyment from it for at least a short time. You might have noticed that most of them give up after a while.

He most probably got ganked and just wants to appear to get back at people who did it.

That is one of the reasons I was expecting you to say.

Yes, which gets into the main reason…

Well he was the first to pop wrecks consistently for a period of time, but prior to that he was very effective in taking out some of the higher DPS ships on the way to ganks, caused them to abort quite a few ganks. He was an ex-ganker by the way.

Other people started to gank the wrecks too, Herzog was one and I was training Lucas into the thrasher. But that emergent gameplay was destroyed by the CEO of the main Miniluv corp taking over the mantle of wreck EHP and pushing that through his CSM contacts. That was the only thing that AG had at the same level as the gankers, not a surprise it got deleted and why the player you mentioned gave up.

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Rham didn’t give up after that. He gave up months later when he realized that most of AG were helpless idiots. I noticed he joined PH one day so I messaged him. He was my adversary, yet I still respected him and we spoke well together… he explained his frustrations.

Anyway, seems we both have unwavering opinions.

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He carried on for a bit after that, but I would think that this had an impact on him, because when you are effective and it is taken away from you it takes the wind out of your sales, but I would tell you that about 15 people that I knew including myself gave up after that event. Most of who had trained up or were training up gank characters that they could afford to use.

He was a proud and able player and not one to complain about mechanics being out of kilter. He was in it for the challenge more than anything else.

Yeah that most of AG were ineffective is well known, and a major part of the frustrations of more able players, speak to Knowledgeminer to see that. I was however rather more understanding of people just wanting to resist even though it was ineffective.

Well that is the way of the Eve forums. Still you are not going to get anyone competent playing such lame content.

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That’s just your opinion fam
Also, why still so sad about that change? It literally happened years ago :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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I understand the context of stripping away all the tackle. But you’re ignoring the context of hisec and nullsec.

Let’s ignore the empty freighters that code ganks for a moment.

Potentially, sure. There is a potential isk benefit. After all the isk and time put in.

But my point was the amount of effort it takes, and how one side puts in far more effort than the other.

I see you missed that point entirely.

But I’m glad you avoided answering the questions I posted at you, that demonstrate the weakness in your argument.

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It is all about he context of hisec, in nullsec I can remove the tackle in hisec I cannot.

All that proves is that they have so much ISK that they don’t care.

Well to compete the defender would have to plex the same number of accounts, but without all that loot. If you are telling me that does not matter than I have to raise my eyebrows at that and frown a little… :stuck_out_tongue:

It is irrelevant because it is based on rewards.

Not at all, you are missing the reason why there are no AG players with a vast number of alts.

So how does the AG player fund this vast number of alts to be able to compete? If that is a weakness in my argument, I hate to see what a strong point in my argument is.