CODE. announces February contest (win up to 12 billion isk)

(Dracvlad) #282

Actually that was a massive benefit to gankers because the carrying capacity and tank were reduced and you had to make fitting choices. It is amusing because many gankers count that as a nerf to ganking, which is as funny as hell.

The DCU impact to the freighter EHP was a different event.

To be blunt this is all pretty tedious and a waste of effort because it has zero impact on me at this point, I don’t go anywhere near freighter ganking and avoid using freighters in the pipes. So whatever…

(Tipa Riot) #283

This is spot on. I would go further, opposing ganks is just not fun, and not profitable (for the person doing the anti-ganking job). The later also because it is trivial to avoid ganks, and nobody will pay an anti-ganker.

The IMO only valid tactic is to systematically steal the loot or destroy the hauler. Also this is some fun gameplay (I used to do that a couple of years back).

(Xan Staraider) #284

The difference IS their level of dedication. I’ve said this a thousand times about ag…

They lack the courage of their convictions.

Most anti-gankers are too lazy to actually do anything. They are afk. You can’t ecm, loot, or do anything if your afk. Well actually you can fail non-stop daily. They do do that.

Some in ag actually believe that ganking is an act of EVIL and will never ever pop scouts or gank a mach, the leaders of the anti-gankers, Knowledgeminer, Bloodybear, and Thomas en Chasteaux all fall into this category. “It’s not their play-style mate”.

Even though destroying stuff it is both fun to do, emotionally therapeutic, and one step closer to them following the Code. They would be less toxic if they would try to kill stuff more often. They can even try to kill my scout, I welcome the challenge, and would give them a gf if they killed him. (His name is Major Min3r by the way).

Many anti-gankers actually believe it is more effective to petition CCP to ban gankers on false charges and to petition CCP for additional nerfs.

They don’t believe in playing the game. They don’t believe in Eve. They want to turn it into a themepark game like so many other MMOs.

James 315 knew what he was talking about when he wrote his manifestos, he was right then, and he is still right today.

Praise James! Praise the mighty CODE. alliance! \o/

(Dracvlad) #285

Your post is rather amusing, you are sprouting nonsense, I happen to know that Thomas has set up ganks of bumpers, and of course Knowledgeminer does not do anything in terms of freighter ganking, so ganking would not be part of his mode of operation.

Speaking of which he has been kicking the shite out of Anyanka Funk, now that is great…

After that I stopped reading, seemed like a waste of my time.

(Xan Staraider) #286

LOL! That one hit bone didn’t it? Cause I am absolutely right. XD

(Dracvlad) #287

If you think you are right after that then what can I say, lmao…, I am laughing while typing this, fecking hell mate.

Just toddle along and look at Knowledgeminers killboard and then think about how you made yourself look.

Why don’t you double down, if you think he is so bad, head to Hek or Balle and take him on, should be good for a laugh.

And by the way he is winning this competition easily.

(Xan Staraider) #288

LOL! You keep editing your post!

I hope Knowledgeminer doesn’t come to a system where we’re ganking… like Balle or something. Maybe he’d stop us…

oh wait… he didn’t.

But you could look at my killboard and know that we are active in Balle too.

Why don’t YOU fleet up with him and help him out? Do you lack the courage of your convictions? By the look of your killboard I would say so.

Why don’t you ask Thomas why he doesn’t participate in mach kills, aside from the occasional warp in?

My response is still spot on.

Praise James!

(Tipa Riot) #289

Except the role play part :wink: I have to agree.

(Dom Arkaral) #290

Inb4 you’re projecting

Draccie hates when he’s wrong, but we like it since he delivers more salt than we can handle safely :joy:

(Dracvlad) #291

I was laughing so hard that it was a bit incoherent so had to add things.

You think Knowledgeminer lacks conviction, and you pinned that on him because he did not gank bumpers, but as he does not get involved in that and you should know that it was an incorrect statement, but you seem to be backing off of that now. He is pretty relentless, you have no idea about him.

I saw a couple of kills on your killboard in Balle, will be interesting at some point.

I did for a bit, went and had a good look at what he did too, however my active game time is not when most gankers like you are out and about and I freely admit that in terms of this I lack conviction. Because for me anyone not using a skiff or a Procurer is an idiot, so why should I? I am in Khafis, why have you not come and ganked me? When you talk about conviction.

As for Thomas I know why he does not gank gankers, he does other things, but he has nothing against ganking gankers.

Your response showed ignorance on Knowledgeminer and is not spot on at all.

Praise my ass. :stuck_out_tongue: Trying to have a joke, don’t take offense please.

Well as Knowldegeminer does not get involved in freighter ganking Ag stuff at all then ganking is not something he would do. So you are agreeing to rubbish in terms of him.

(Knowledgeminer) #292

Me what? I thought you knew me a little better, but I’m pretty sure now you have no idea what you’re talking about…

LOL, what? I’m actually actively looking for gankers in my area of operation all the time, but I can hardly find any that don’t stay docked, log off or go away after camping them for a while. It’s only big overkill gangs that I cannot really do anything about.

Exactly, that’s the only thing you’ve said about me that’s right. I may or may not stop you… As in I may make a mistake or choose to loot the wreck instead, LOL… You know who looted that Mackinaw you ganked in Balle while I was there, right?

And before someone posts more nonsense here, no, I’m not claiming I may stop any gank or deny the loot in all cases, I certainly cannot do it against an overkill and well organised gang, but so what? That doesn’t change the fact that your last comments about me in this thread are total ■■■■■■■■…

(Dom Arkaral) #293

Obligatory: Miner, calm down.

(Solonius Rex) #294

What? Yes you can.

In other words, they get no ISK benefit from ganking empty freighters. My point is proven.

Not the same number of accounts. It takes a quarter of the gankers in logistic ships to save freighters.

No one is saying that ganking is super duper hard, and almost impossible. Its not. To those trained, elite PVPers, its become fairly easy now.

But when you compare it to the amount of effort it would take to save the freighter, its even less so. Freighter Pilots and AG need a fraction of the people, and only have to keep the freighter alive for 25 seconds to survive the gank, and cost the Gankers hundreds of millions, even billions in damages.

Yes, and the reward for the freighter pilot is that he doesnt lose billions of isk. Sometimes tens of billions of isk.

Why dont the freighter pilots who survive, offer their isk to the AGers?

Reward in terms of ISK? Sure. But ask around in the AG chat channel. Their reward is foiling the gank and making the Gankers lose isk, and not the other way around.

You are too centered around ISK making. Making ISK isnt the only form of reward.

I dont consider 5 alts as vast. I have 12 accounts, only 3 have ganker alts. Most eve players who have been here for a long time, have multiple accounts.

But thats the great thing about being an AGer. Theres no penalty.

My ganking alts are just that. Alts used for ganking. They have -10.0 sec status and a lot of killrights, so i cant move them around hisec to do anything other than ganking. I cant mine in hisec. I cant haul in hisec. I cant do anything other than moving quickly from station to station, or station to target.

An AG alt, doesnt have to worry about this. They can do it on their main. They receive no sec status penalty, no killrights, nothing. Which means that they can just as easily switch from AG to running missions or mining or hauling. Anyone can enter and become AG for any reason, and leave, for any reason, with zero, ZERO impact on their gameplay from before and after. And many do.

Thats another positive for AG and a negative for gankers. We need dedicated alts for ganking. AGers, do not.

(Solonius Rex) #295

Actually, no.

The impact is Freighters, but we like to pair buff and nerfs to suicide ganking to keep things in balance, and after the February Wreck HP change these ships can handle a bit more tank without the “predator and prey” environment being thrown out of whack.

So yes, they had the wreck HP change balance in mind as well. Straight from the Devs mouth.

(Xan Staraider) #296

I know you, and you know I’m right.

When are you going to switch sides and help save High Sec?

Stop protecting the criminally ignorant and the people who don’t care enough, like Dracvlad.

(Solstice Projekt) #297

You can show off your Tempest, or Rokh, bouncing around on grid making it very clear to everyone that the -10 nutjob flying a battleship sure as ■■■■ is going to use it if anyone asks for it.

… uuuhhh … nevermind me, I’m just being nostalgic.

(Dracvlad) #298

Oh dear, thanks for that link, I was looking for that to put Dom right.

That was the DCU change which they were not going to put on freighters, but when the changed the EHP of wrecks they decided to apply it to freighters to balance off against it.

You were talking about the addition of low modules which was a different event and which reduced the tank and cargo capacity from what it was before and you could fit to either or.

That thread confirmed what I said.

(Knowledgeminer) #299

I don’t see how you may say this after saying that I “believe that ganking is an act of EVIL” and a lot of other ■■■■■■■■. And just so you know, that you think you’re right about anything you said about me (other than I may or may not stop a gank) doesn’t make you look any smarter…

Who cares? I’m useless anyway, so why would anyone care whether I fight one side or another?

(Xan Staraider) #300

It’s a well known fact that a single agent of the New Order is a great catalyst for change and for good in High Sec.

And I’m glad you got the loot. We aren’t pirates you know. We’re vigilantes.

(Dracvlad) #301

How many accounts do I need to do that? Seriously you think that to move a freighter around you must have say nine accounts, well well…

If they made so much ISK that they can do it for fun that shows the difference, the AG don’t have that level of ISK.

Now that depends n a number of factors.

Bumping makes it too easy, I like how you guys ganked JF’s if normal freighters had to be ganked the same way I would be happy.

Ho hum, the bumping means that you end up getting an accurate assessment of what is there, then you just add more bods or put people in higher DPS to compensate. The bumping side of it makes it too predictable.

Some do, I had a NCDOT JF pilot give me 1bn for bumping his JF out of optimal so it survived. He then cynoed out.

It is a question of resources and ability to replace losses, you keep ignoring that as if it is unimportant, it matters.

You don’t but most casual hisec players do.

And that is the reason why most AG do not gank the bumper.