CODE. announces February contest (win up to 12 billion isk)

(Xan Staraider) #341

1st week’s results are in!

734 miners in High Sec saved from bot-aspirancy.

Agent Lewak came in first place for the week with a solid 120 confirmed kills.

He has earned the “James 315 Medal for Excellence in Ganking” and 1 bill isk.

Great work Lewak and all the other elite agents of the mighty CODE. alliance!

Praise James!

(Aiko Danuja) #342

Praise Be Unto Lewak!

(Solstice Projekt) #343

Seven hundred thirty four.


I’d love to compare that with numbers outside of the contest.

@Black_Pedro Can this be done somehow?

(Black Pedro) #344

Sure! It’s easy enough to collect the public killmails and count those from a specific group or against a specific type of ship. Ganking classification is a little less clear, but I 'm pretty sure I can make a guess pretty accurately looking at attacker security status, ship types used by the attackers and number of attackers, and the giveaway if present, the CONCORD killmails.

I actually was working on a machine-learning based classifier to indeed count those at one point, but I gave up concluding it probably was overkill. Some simple human-made rules based on the above is probably enough given the standard composition of gank ships/fleets to get very high accuracy.

But that is all off-topic. Congrats all on a solid first week of content generation!

(Solonius Rex) #345

Not counting the freighter pilot, one.

How do you know how much isk they make? Please, do tell.

Sure. If a meteor hits the United states and everyone in the us dies, you may need more pilots as some of the logi may disconnect due to being dead in real life.

And sure, if people bring the wrong ship, and instead of a cruiser logi, like an oneiros, they bring a Dramiel with armor rep drones, then you will need more pilots because the person is stupid and doesnt understand what a logi is.

But in general, yes, you only need a quarter, a fraction of the number in logi that you do as a ganker.

We gank jfs the same way we do freighters.

Ergo, you are happy, and therefore concede all your arguments. Right?

Ho hum, the logi means that you end up getting an accurate assessment of how many gankers are in system and therefore what is coming, and then you just add more bods or put people in higher-repping ships to compensate. The AG side of it makes it too predictable too.

So what you’re saying is that it’s the freighter pilots fault for not offering a reward?

Of course it does. And that’s the point.

How much does it cost to buy a logi ship? 20 to 250 million isk.

How frequently do you have to replace a logi ship, as an AGer? Nearly zero. You can rep at 50km away, orbiting the freighter.

How much does it cost to buy a ganker ship? 10 to 100 million.

How frequently do you have to replace a ganking ship? Every time. They die, every time.

We are not ignoring the resource required and the ability to replace losses, you are.

Sure. The alternative is making friends or hiring friends.

This is an mmo. Multiplayer. As in multiple players. If you dont have alts, and dont, or can’t make friends, and dont, or can’t pay people to help you, and dont want to contact AG(there are people who would help, without reward in that channel), and can’t afford to lose your ship and cargo, that’s your fault.

Every single aspect, every single step is necessarily a failure on your part. Not CCP. Not the gankers. You. It’s not up to the gankers to ensure that you are safe. It’s not up to ccp to ensure that you are safe.

The onus is on the freighter pilot. The responsibility is on the freighter pilot.

And that’s also the reason why most AGers do not need to gank the bumper in order to thwart the gank, they just need to be the logi, or park their battleship in between the bumper and the freighter to thwart the bump.

So yeah, a plus for AG, a minus for gankers.

(Dom Arkaral) #346

BuT gAnKiNG isN’t fAiR

(Dracvlad) #347

You are on the blue list so one then.

A lot, that is a dumb question to ask when I am pointing out that when they can afford to gank empty freighters they are not exactly poor. But keep at it.

You are doubling down, do continue.

I think you are imagining that one.

Prove it!

Not on the Perimeter gate in Jita you don’t…

Nope, if you are trying to be wilfully ignorant of the point then continue in that.

Hold on I will just log in all my logi alts which I do not have…

You just said that not me…

I was referring to ganking the bumper in that sentence but you seem to think I was referring to logi, WTG tiger for proving yourself a troll…

Or earning so much ISK with easy stuff and plexing multiple accounts.

So why do the main freighter gankers multi-box then?

And CCP to have good mechanics. As such I don’t use freighters in the main pipes. So easy enough for me to avoid this terrible game play.

So a win for me and a loss for you lot, and by the way I have not lost a single ship to you lot, zilch, zero.

Go do it then. Park a BS, what a load of twaddle.

I was bored so I thought I might as well reply, but you are truly boring like your game play.

PS I have been told that most people have not noticed any increase in ganking so this challenge is not exactly doing much in terms of dead pixels…

(Galaxy Pig) #348

Wow. Drac just never has any idea what he’s talking about, does he?

You can like, set your watch by it…


(Dracvlad) #349

B U M P I N G . . .

(Galaxy Pig) #350

Yeah, no one has any idea what you’re talking about, just so ya know, buddy. :face_with_monocle:

(Dracvlad) #351

It is quite easy to work out.

Anyway I have some more interesting things to do like watch paint dry, o7

(Galaxy Pig) #352

Oh, I’m sure you’ve got it all worked out.

Just like the wreck HP conspiracy, huh pal? :avocado:

Edit: LOL I love chasing Drac out of threads just like the New Order chased him out of Highsec with his tail between his legs. :kissing_closed_eyes:

(Xan Staraider) #353

Another Major Victory For CODE.!

@Dom_Arkaral has donated 10 Gecko drones and a set of GDN-9 “Nightstalker” Combat Goggles

To go to the 1st Place Grand Prize winner!

Praise James!

For the full updated set of prizes and rules check out the event posting:

(Dracvlad) #354

It is detailed above but I guess it is too difficult for you to use the scroll bar. I also expect you not to click through either. However as you mention it I can detail it and show that when the going gets tough the gankers get the game changed in their favour.

And it is this above all else that made me say no point in doing anything.

And I am in hisec now, sitting in Khafis, I don’t see any of you lot coming along to chase me out of hisec. Crickets chirping anyone…

(Galaxy Pig) #355

That’s the tinfoil I was looking for! :rofl:

(Dracvlad) #356

So you are calling CCP Fozzie’s direct statement at the start of this thread tinfoil. Fascinating… anyway as I said this:

(Galaxy Pig) #357

It’s like a chemtrail crazy person pointing up at a cloud… Kinda sad at this point.

(Dom Arkaral) #358

Good luck to the Victor,
And of course, Praise James

@Dracvlad please stop with your off-topic banter.
This is a thread for an honorable contest, not QQ’ING

Kthxbai :heart:

(Galaxy Pig) #359

Agreed, Dom. You’re a gentleman and a scholar. A warrior-monk married to the Code.

Praise James 315, and honor to the contestants!

(Dracvlad) #360

Perhaps you might read it if I link it enough times?

And I am merely replying to this off topic post: