CODE. announces February contest (win up to 12 billion isk)

Yes, yes, yes, Scipio. That has always been my point.

This sounds like the kind of scam a blingy Mackinaw might try, to get CODE. to ignore him and focus instead upon someone else. Next you’ll be saying we should only be ganking empty triple bulkheaded freighters in a 1.0, and ignoring the antitanked freighters full of skill injectors in an 0.5. Both of you should try ganking more, before you start trying to tell everyone else how to gank. :wink:


Nah, gank everything…just don’t give them any hope at all (if a bot aspirant is even capable of feelings that is).

Sounds to me like someone just doesn’t want to do the real work of CODE. Mackinacs are easy pickings. They will always end up getting ganked. You seem to just want to come up with excuses to avoid actually going after tanked Skiffs. Are you secretly mining AFK in tanked skiffs on an alt, and this is your plan to keep on doing so unmolested by CODE?

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What have you ganked?

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This thread.

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You can pry my Skiff from my cold dead…

Aw shite, that’s the plan isn’t it?


You’re all wrong. Not that I care what do you gank or why, mind you, but the right way to do it would be go for the strongest you may get with the firepower available at any given moment. That way you might then go for the weaker ones when less firepower is available.

Not try too hard to gather the firepower needed to gank the strongest ones, nor waste firepower on the weaker ones. It amazes me when I see Retrievers ganked with 4+ catas, what a waste of firepower, LOL.


“There is no such thing as an excessive amount of firepower”

  • Captain Kyle McCandless, Battle of Big Toof River, 1889

Here is how I decided what to ganke first.

  1. Bling fit and potential drops
  2. Expensive ship (Hulk, Mack)
  3. Pilot age (older pilots have juicier pods most of the time)
  4. The dirty retrievers

Firepower is adjusted with the cat fitting. It is for example possible to kill a t1 barge with 2x t1 fitted cats which are a hell of a lot cheaper than t2 fitted.

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Yes, of course, bling comes first and firepower may be adjusted through fittings, but that’s not what I was talking about. In an attempt to keep the post simple I didn’t make myself clear enough, so let me elaborate.

First off, I’m talking about available firepower here. AFAIK, you used to be a solo ganker. As such, the firepower available to you is fixed, determined by the number of ganking toons you have and the ships and equipment at their disposal, which under normal circumstances is always the same. So as a solo ganker, what I said simply doesn’t apply to you.

I was referring to the discussion that was taking place about whether multi-player fleets should be organised to gank tough targets instead of the weak ones, i.e. I’m talking about situations in which the available firepower varies every time depending on how many players join the fleet and how to pick targets based solely on their toughness, all other things, bling in particular, being equal.

So what I’m saying is, if I was a ganker in charge of organising such multi-player fleets, I wouldn’t decide in advance which targets should be given priority and then try to gather a fleet big enough to be able to gank them, nor would I go for the weaker ones regardless of fleet size either.

What I would do (unless bling dictates otherwise) is go for the toughest targets I could get with the firepower that’s available to me at a given moment. That way, the weaker ones would still be available if the fleet later shrinks in size or to other smaller gangs that may also be around.

Choice of target is based on objective, and cannot be set in stone.

If the objective is say remove a retriever, but youve no plan for a battleorca appearing, it is a waste of resource to go with a small bid.

You must bargain well, quiaff?

Again, you deflect and avoid. I think you are secretly an AFK bot aspirant miner, flying skiffs on an alt. I can think of no other explanation as to why everytime this subject is brought up, instead of following James315 and enforcing CODE against ALL in high sec, you keep wanting to have very selective targets. Want to prove otherwise, just tell me when you are going to go tanked skiff killing to enforce CODE and I will join your fleet with my Corax and we shall have glorious fun! Praise James315!

It’s a CODE. thing to ask each other about the heroic deeds we do on a daily basis to help highsec miners become better people. Aiko is just curious about your recent actions. So what did you gank?


I mean, surely, after all this yapping, you’ve ganked at least one skiff - right?


Hail! Jimmy 369

Hmm. Curious. I say we mount up and go gank some tanked skiffs, and again, you deflect. You are making it really hard not to conclude you are a bot-aspirant miner, hoping to keep CODE from fulfilling its duty to gank ALL miners, not just the flimsy ones that will get ganked regardless.

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Now that is an idea! Looking forward to see some Skiff killmails. Are you already in the minerbumping channel?

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Reading this feels like 2 skiffs fighting.

i love cracking the egg of a bot aspirant, " ship of shame" skiff pilot.

They are so bad.